Sarkana, Glatorian bounty-hunter

She comes with an array of guns!! ^-^

“Ohai!! :3”


“Dangit!!, Move over just a lil’ to the left! >:(”

I don’t have an amusing caption for this. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just an idle pose:


Oh my gosh she stole the mask of life!
I like the yellow, but the legs are a bit lacking.


True, but I seem to have run out of armour that’d work on a Inika calf. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to be that guy, but actual guns don’t exist on Bara Magna

Lol, to me that doesn’t really matter, though I can see why it would bug some people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keetorange, female, laser Rahkshi head, Mata Nui chest?!

This must be not inspired by mocs on other websites!(sarcasm)

But seriously I suggest you search up the moc ‘Xenna’ on youtube if you wanna understand my joke. Otherwise pretty simple but abit bland to me(My apologies). I suggest adding black for the arms and the thighs, add more armor, less silver , remove the banana/lego yellow and maybe try making custom weapons instead of using Piraka weapons

I know of the character, and I was actually using this as a re-design to try to further differentiate her from the Xenna MOC. :confused: Lol, I’ll see if I have any black pieces to add to those areas. and there’s not much armour left for me to really use for this’n. Anyway, I’m off to scour the wonderful land of the shoebox of parts!

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K, I found a black Metru leg & a black Metru waist-piece. So I replaced her left arm w/ the black one and the waist-piece w/ the black one. That, and I turned the black hand-connector into a keet-orange one for the waist-piece. Sadly, my shoebox is mostly full of things that’re almost unusable (I.E. Mata torsos, Metru torsos, etc.) so the search almost yielded no avail. :confused:

change the chest if you really want to differentiate her,
that was what made me immediately think of Xenna.

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And then, a faint noise, someone spoke but it was hard to hear… it was the voice of BioRockDude… no one can understand him though.
Anyways that’s awesome.


I like it. It’s an interesting design. Not really a fan of using Rakshi heads, but that’s just me.

Lol, I can see why some may not like them. :stuck_out_tongue: I digress, Thank you for the kind words. ^-^

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Doesn’t strike me as a Glatorian, but still I guess it works.

The title might not refer to her being a Glatorian, but that Glatorians are the bounty she hunts.


Okay I’ve both made some changes, and procrastinated on taking photos of 'em. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also given her some more guns and a sword.

Let me know if you want to see the other photos with the other weapons.

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but I’ll say again, change the chest.

I like the chainsaw btw.

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Why thank you, I kinda got the inspiration for it from The Evil Dead. ^-^ Yeah, I would, but I don’t really have anything that’d fit on her and actually look good. ;~;
Btw, here’s some other pics of some of the other weapons I gave her:

(Lol, I didn’t realise how wimpy those daggers looked. XD)

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Change the chest! it’s pretty much all that’s holding this MOC back


that’s what I’ve said twice already, I don’t think he’s changing it…

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I would recommend you change the che–
You guys have said that already.

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