Sarukai lord of ice

Knights cloak

Size comparisons

And all five of my Mocs together

so the inspiration for this was that of a knight my idea was build wise to make him look as knightly as I can but story wise I wanted him to be an ice user what this mean is that he basically controls and can do anything with blizzards, ice, snow, freezing, temperatures, etc his ice abilities are probably the most open thing he has since I designed him to be a lord of ice he’s one of the six elemental lords in my story and he is the leader of themi havent made the other 4 but I plan to make about 5 or 6 one elemental lord for each element that’s really the only part of bionicle ive kept in my story but yeah I really hope you like him in general It was a pain to make that torso even tho now its kinda simple but yeah I spent like a good 3 hours trying to figure out a design and that is all

The last time I posted him he looked like this


So, themfirst thing I need to say is that your backstory is horrible. I mean… It might be good, but since you ignored the grammar, it suffered. I mean, I can’t understand anything for it, only that there was an army… And a Toa… And Athena?
But I know one thing: this moc is stupidly OP. Not as OP as other mocs here on the MB, but still very OP. About one third of the whole topic is about his powers. You should nerf him.
When it comes of the moc… It’s good, I guess? I mean… He looks kinda messy, and his limbs are may too long, but I can live with it.

In conclusion,try to make the limbs shorter and work at you backstory. Don’t ignore . , ( ) and other signs like these. And nerfe him a little bit.

He’s not actually a Toa none of my story is bionicle based kai is actually an organic being known as a skartorgian plus my story has stupidly overpowered people I mean he now his abilities are talked about a lot cuz that bio is from my facebook group im in where I just thought up abilities that wouldnt be op the only real thing op about him is his sword and his skill that’s what really can take down a lot of enemies and the spirit in the sword is named athena its an ancient being in my story

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I got it that he is not a Toa, but you are the one who said something about Toa in that wall of a story.

Because he traveled to a different universe where the Toa exist that’s my buddy’s story where kai appears there and starts to journey around with his moc through spherus magna and wears old Toa of ice armor the back story will be fixed later I posted it for now so that way I had him up on the message boards for the time being

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Sounds cool, I guess.

But please, next time reply to the person you are talking with.

Sorry it is cool the story’s me and my friends made are part of this group I made called multiverse its multiple universes filled with different things still dont have an exact name for it but we’ve just been calling it the multiverse

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If you were, wouldn’t you have replied?

By jove, use interpunction in your backstory. Personally I could care less about backstory for any MOC, but please respect basic grammar.


OK sorry as I said I’ll fix it later for how I removed the back story I have a. Copy saved I will edit it personally

First of, the thing IS called multiverse.

Second, if you are sorry, then use the interpunction in your regular replies too.

And now you’re being a bit rude.


'Ey, liking the mocs and the basis! Large builds, fairly complex/interesting build techniques, couple 'o painted pieces, and it’s always fun to have a friend to storyboard with and all that!
Also, by the fourteenth of Fridays those weapons!

(Piece envy intensifying.)

Oh, little extra bit for the sideways pics. I’ve discovered that so long as you give them a minor crop (phone editing software or other) it tends to reset their alignment if you re-upload it.


@KAI_BORG thank you and thanks ill but IDK the pics came out fine regular looking when I took them but I’ll try that thanks

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@KAI_BORG You are right.
I’m sorry.

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Ah, nah, nothing with the pics, just a glitch in the site from what I can tell.
Welcome though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Toa_Vladin @Huichelaar its been fixed

Good MoC but too many words me no likey.

@Jakanader I’ll fix it

@Jakanader is that a bit better

looks good, but a lot of the pics are sideways…

@meepinater Yeah ik idk why their side ways

Not a bad MOC.

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