Saurion prison break

Another system moc! I saw that the last one was pretty popular (much to my surprise) so i thought i might grab this build and fund a few if my characters that made sense and here’s another set!
Thus one is obviously smaller and is based off Thomas White (The one with the chrome sword) ,the elamental of Light being broken out of the Sauruon (a half-scorpion-half-mermaid(they turn into mermaids in the water) creature) prison by his fellow elamental (and boyfriend ) William Scorch, elamental of Fire!

Figures are; Thomas White, elamental of light, William Fur no, I mean SCORCH! ,elamental of Fire, and…Ilgorak, the Saurion guard.
Lastly action feature!
But first i want to point out the lovely crate that Ilgorak gets to keep the prisoners stuff in and the removable bunk bed.
Anyway, the door can be slid in and out to create an opening function. (If you have a problem with the yellow piece-remove it!) You can slide the door out fully or just a little, its up to yiu.
Hope you liked this creation, a bigger one is on the way!


It’s a little blocky and simple, but I like it.


Elementals? Like in Ninjago?

Uhh, well, Ninjago contains elements, but the concepts of elamental power is a very common trope in games and toys. Elamentals is an original game created by me and my friends.

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