Saved on Two Wings Charecters.

This is where I’ll put my models for my story, Saved on two wings.

with Longfall boots

bad action pose!

Name: Efari
Species: Matoran
Element: Psionics
basic info: A young matoran of psionics. She is a prodigy with a sword.

Better action pose!

Name: Thelktar
Species: makuta
Basic info: A older (about 43 or so) makuta. Unlike most makuta, he was not assigned a region but roamed around, providing assistance where needed. He has a pair of wings on his back that he usually keeps hidden.

Yet another bad action pose.

Name: Yutalo
Species: Toa
Element: Earth
mask: Strength
Bio: a toa of earth that was originally a member of the toa team sent by the Dark Hunters to hunt Thelktar down.

The best action pose!

Name: Hikari
Species: Toa-Rahksi… Thing
Element: water and disintegration.
Bio: Hikari was once a Toa of water. at some point she was protecting a village from a squad Guurahk. She defeated the Guurahk, but she was critically injured, the turaga of the village used to be a mechanic, and was able to assemble her a new body out the broken parts of the Guurahk and her old body.

Other Pictures

Winged protector


Hikari: Next time, could you not just watch?

Hikari: How can I not lift this?!

Cool pose

Team pic.

if you want more info, go read the story,

More characters will be added as they appear in the story.


A little to simple, but nice.

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Alright! got the last 2 characters up!