SbL SOF agent Hoshoku

The SbL special operation forces are used for important Bionic emergencies and otherwise remain at the SEE industries headquarters.

Without helmet;

aand here’s a clearer pic so you can see him better


That’s pretty cool, but what does his face-

…nevermind. You can keep the helmet on.


Thanks for giving me nightmare fuel again. Anyways, a great job as always

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Not even lego anymore.

um that’s the point dud

I know. But up until now all your characters have had some lego. Now there’s barely a belt.

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sooo is that a good or a bad thing…?

Good, they’re still really cool

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It’s interesting to see where you’re going with this direction in your MOCing; this greater focus on cloth elements. Also that face is truly a sight to see.

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