Scam Ware

Being new to this site, I tried taking a look at the Introduce Yourself section to learn how to make posts, as I had not yet seen the Trust Levels conversation. When I clicked on links under the IY conversation it sent me to an off site with scam ware. Just thought I should report this issue.

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Huh. I just tested this, and can confirm.

I noticed that too though it wasn’t scamware it would open Bing and give me the search page of the name of a completely random audio-book thing for some reason. I don’t know if that’s a bug or it linking to things that don’t exist

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It isn’t just that topic. Some other topics that have a list of linked topics, the links are broken.

It can still happen if the topic still exists, too, so that isn’t the issue.

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It’s happened to me too. “” is no longer the domain name of this website, “” is, but for some reason none of those links are redirected to the current site.

Presumably, if you removed the ‘ttvpodcast’ with ‘ttvchannel’ the links should work.