Scavenger 99-986

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!

Scavenger 66-984 is one of two automatons built by Kor’Tal upon his arrival on Ralqii. The other is Juggernaut 77-784. The Scavenger 99-986 unit is designed for speed and accuracy, with lightweight armor, sharp claws, and a dual-barrel long-range plasma cannon. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.




Action pose:


The asymmetrical arms are a nice touch, and I like how organic it looks. The use of Mata feet on the lower legs, while creative, kind of looks weird in most poses. The blue stands out from the background enough that he looks as if he is levitating off the ground.

I like the color scheme. Your MOCs are really improving!

The colours of this moc are really striking and I love that, the armour really feels like it’s there to protect and the right arm is done well, nice job.

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I really like the Hordika head here! (For once)

He definitely fits his name!

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