SCCBS game system

Here are the rules of the game so far: You place your figure onto the pegs of the battle stand. Once you’ve done that you now have the ability to rotate your figure (with the aid of the knob on the back) left and right for more dynamic hits and attacks.

On the other side of the battle stand is your battle station
The battle station triples as a weapons rack, health/slot counter and a dice holder.

The health system is slot based. Each character (thus far) has 4 slots with 4 health points each, which totals to 16hp for each character. If you want to remove your opponents health points it starts with a role of a dice. You have the possibility of either rolling a 1-2-3-4, mercy or….death/drain!

A mercy roll spares you from any attacks, but a death/drain roll could take half your opponents health points away (and you as well) so roll carefully…

But if you have any thoughts/suggestions for the system comment below.


How does the rotation factor into the attack damage? Must you rotate your figure to cause damage, or is it a purely cosmetic feature?


You could either use the gear system on the figure or the one on the battle stand to do damage, however that damage is dictated by a dice roll.

so it’s both for the game and cosmetics

(but it also depends on the weapon as well. For example you could use the base gear for a bow staff or spear and the figure gear for a sword or fist.)


I achually wanta ask do you have plains to make instructions?

not only I like the models but I think it be nice to have the Figures and the Bases to playtest with to see what works and doesn’t with the game


I’m still working on it but I’ll come up with a file or something for the battle stand