Schematics of MoCs


If anyone is interested, I will share my secrets with you.

I always build the MoC first and make ABSOLUTELY sure that it's perfect. Then I go through and draw up the pieces in the order that they connect, and draw arrows to show where each piece goes.

I don't draw it up and then build it. I build first, draw pictures later.

Also, If you make good photo instructions of how your MoC is made, I might be able draw it up for you. However, it needs to be small enough to fit on the page. Try to keep them slightly bigger than Ekorak-size or smaller. Larger ones are harder to do.

One more thing. It will take a week or two. Or three.


This is fantastic Dark, though what moc is this for from beginning to end?

This is the basic design for

This was not made by me, but I figured out how it was built, upgraded it slightly, made this:

and then made instructions because I liked it so much.


That's amazing! smile

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That is some sweet instructions sir.

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That is really cool! Nice work!

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This is amazing.

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The detail on those pieces are unnecessarily accurate and meticulous, but nonetheless impressive. Makes me wonder if you had any experience in architectural design. I sometimes make simple sketches for instructions, but never have I seen such professionalism taken in an endeavor like this. May I ask what is your motivation to make each piece so painstakingly detailed, when you could've just done a sketch?


I had a lot of time on my hands; I also wanted to make it so that no one would have any confusion over what each piece is.

That looks nice, I like the MOC too.

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I can now see you inside a dark lab becoming Bionicle Man stuck_out_tongue


I don't normally ask for stuff like this because I don't wanna be a bother, but this is so cool... Would you be willing to draw up my design for the Mask of Creation? (made long before the Gen2 one came into being) I could take more/better pics if needed.


I need to know two things. One, are those 4 length axles in the bohrok feet? Two, what pegs go into the Hordika arm?

If I can see pictures of those, I'll try and have it drawn up this weekend.

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1) yes.
2) Does this answer that question?

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Yes it does.

It will be posted next week.

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Many many thanks my good sir elegant bow

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Those drawings are amazing!

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9001/10 I'm now a scale

(this is pretty cool, I like the concept)


Yours was the first MoC that came to mind for size and piece count.

So I wrote it down.


This is fantastic! I love the detail and professional look - If you don't have an art topic, you should definitely make one!

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