School Project - TTV Channel Website Re-design and Mobile Application

For the final project in the Graphic Design class that I took this past semester, we were given the task to pick a website and re-design it, which included creating a mobile app. Since I wanted to spend as much time on the redesign as possible, I chose the TTV Channel, as I am already familiar with the brand. Here are the fruits of my labor.

First, images of some of the pages:

Second, I also made some functioning prototypes with Invision. They’re FAR from complete (though they do satisfy the assignment requirements), but I wanted to explore design variations for different pages. They do, however, show how the site and app would look and work in a practical sense. If you want to take a look, the links are provided just beneath this sentence.

Desktop Website:
Mobile App:

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.


The home page, to me, seems a bit busy and/or cluttered being nothing but images/thumbnails plastered everywhere, but I do like where you’re going with it.

Your approach to the mobile app is very slick and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t design something that looked that pretty.


My only real problem is that on the shows tab, the images for the different shows are off center and aligned a bit to the left which doesn’t look the best in my opinion. my only other nitpicks are that the bios on the mobile site should probably send the user to a new page, as it’s kind of annoying having to scroll down to read the whole bio. Also, the featured video feels a on the home page feels a bit too big, and as Takuma said, maybe decrease the number of images on the front page. Overall though, this looks pretty good


I am excited to see how this will turn out.
Time to pull out that popcorn.

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It has been a long time due to other projects, but I have decided to continue this project beyond the original assignment, so now I present the first major update to this project. The link to the InVision prototype can be found here.
Here’s a run-down of what has changed since May:

  • Home page has been updated with newer videos.
  • All links to the TTV Message Boards are now active.
  • New Videos on the Home page now include the name of each video.
  • Tenebrae Invictus has been added to the Cast page.
  • All of the cast members (sans Eljay Johnsen) now feature both their stage and legal names on the Cast page.
  • The Shows page has been updated to reflect the current show line-up, including the additions of Ninjagocast and TTV Reviews.
  • The placement of the images on the On Ebay Today page has been altered to match the grid system for the rest of the site.
  • Revenge of the BIONICLE and FIDGET FIDGET added to the episode list for On Ebay Today Season 02.
  • YouTube link for the episode How to Get Nintendo Switch and More now live.

As always, feedback is appreciated. I don’t know when I’ll have another update to this project ready, but I hope to have it up soon!