so here’s a moc of Scorponok(though his colors are a little more like universe megazarak), his headmaster Zarak, and a little drone
first Scorponok:

alt mode:


and the drone(his name is Phill):


This is alright, but just like your last MoC, it could really use some work. I’m not really a fan of the colours, and not just because they don’t evoke G1 Scorponok, but because they’ve been used too much at this point. Also, the design is gappy and the proportions are kind of off, with the skinny waist and broad shoulders. It’s pretty cool that you made him a headmaster, but I feel that Zarak isn’t really that good. The scorpion mode is right in, I’ll give you that, and I don’t mind the drone. But all in all, this really needs some work. My suggestion would be to start out making smaller MoCs, like the drone, and work you way up from there, asking the community for help.


It’s a nice attempt of G1 Scorponok, but he needs some Green, Purple, & Tan for Zarak. Also the drone should be named Fasttrack :wink:

Did I mention I based his color scheme on this guy?

It’s hard to tell with small spots of red here and there.

Like all Bioformers, I don’t like the skimpiness of a large/tall figure; but it’s mainly for the transformaiton which doesn’t look too threatening at the front view.

Executed better but I question the bone piece on the front. (mainly for the transformation)

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