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Update: Made this into my overall art topic since that’s what all the cool kids do.

So, quite a while ago, I posted a kind of teaser/preview/early couple of drawings related to a Nova-Orbis-esque project that I’m working on:
I stopped working on it over the summer due to other concerns, but I’ve gotten back to writing and drawing now. I’ll begin posting chapters after I edit them (which might take a while, since I’m up to 16) but for now, I’ll share another couple of drawings of the Matoran in the story:




and Oduna:

I think I’m getting progressively better at the shading and details, which really shows in the last picture. I won’t be drawing as many detailed pictures as NickInAmerica does for Nova Orbis, but I’ll definitely make one for all the characters as they show up.



Personally, my favorite is Oduna. They all look great, but without too much armor, they look just a little weird. And… Wait… WUT?!? A matoran with a ■■■■■? Interesting…

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They’re not old-school Matoran per se, more a mix between Matoran and Agori that developed long after the reformation of Spherus Magna.

It’s a coat, mostly worn as a symbol of status and wealth. Matoran don’t wear clothing apart from when it indicates a status or position (technically Oduna should have something, but I was practicing the physique and musculature of the Onu-Matoran, so I didn’t draw it) or it’s a practical necessity. Anyone but a Ko-Matoran would probably bundle up in something before visiting them in the icy mountains, for example.

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Are they in any way based off DrPilly’s matoran?

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Definitely inspired by his style, yes.

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Love these, you’re such a great artist. I especially love Ilani and Telzin.

Great job, can’t wait to see more.

I did another one.

Now with even more background!


Another person who can draw.
Cool! :smiley:


I’m working on it :grin:


Seriously man, these are actually pretty good! I like the art style a lot. Excited to see more from you.

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Well, I’m on a drawing kick now, and there’s a few more minor characters to do, and the weekend is coming up… So yeah, there’ll be more :slight_smile:


Not a fan of the human clothes, and I really dislike the hair, but this is pretty cool art! :smile:


Of the original pictures, Garta’s was by far the one I was least pleased with, so I decided he deserved better:

I’ve been playing with his mask design a lot, and this the best one so far, I think.

Also, I forgot to post this one when I drew it:

That’s Scorzen, wearing my interpretation of a noble G1 mask. Guess which one :slight_smile:


And… Telzin! Again! Now with background! And upside down!


Very nice.

That’s a nice braid he’s got going on there :grin:

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I can draw.
It’s just not visually appealing /s

I think it fits.