Scrap MOCs

It’s been a while and it will be a while until I’ve finished the updates I want to make to my self MOC, so here are some MOCs I’ve thrown together but never shared. The majority of them are proof-of-concepts or prototypes, there’s only one that’s actually a finalized MOC. I do not intend to return to most of these, so this is as complete as they’re going to get.

Sea monster - This MOC is very awkward, both in posing and in build. He is very rough around the edges, and I decided not to invest in his completion due to how much it would actually cost.

To his credit, I’m a bit proud of the torso as it’s a very unique construction, but it’s highly situational and really couldn’t be used outside of trying to use the Garai on a body.

Demonic Cat-rat - This was originally supposed to be part of my upcoming revamp to the self MOC, but it ended up not being what I thought it could be. So, it has now been scrapped.

She (yes it’s female) was supposed to be a combination of a cat and a raptor but I missed basically all of both and it ended up as some sort of rat.

CCBS Dino - This was just to use the Xplode spikes. The only noteworthy thing apart from those spikes is that the body is an upside-down large CCBS torso.

Bestial Bioformer - My first foray into Bioformer territory. I wanted to make a somewhat large, animal-like creature with large tank treads on its arms. This one transforms into a rather funky tank. The MOC shown here was supposed to be the prototype, but I never got around to remaking it.

I had grand plans to use those big plastic tank treads that Lego also makes to create my largest Bionicle MOC to date, but I just lost interest eventually. I think this one overall turned out fair, it’s got some good concepts and I think eventually I might revisit the thing.

Demon Lady Thing - This warrior was supposed to be more or less the main lackey for my grim reaper Makuta. I think I showed a picture or two of her before, but I have changed a few internal constructions so now her torso is significantly more sturdy.

I also made a random flaming CCBS skeleton dude who she can pick up and throw around. She’s the only actually finished MOC here and I don’t think I have anything to change about her.

Thank you for reading all that, if you want break-down photos or if I should revisit any of them, let me know!


Internal monologue! Nix on the genuine critique, go with late-night tired shade instead

I think he’s got some charm to him, but my critiques for him involve “get rid of all the CCBS in his arms”, which would be an investment

black and silver moc/10

I want to say I once built a dinosaur MOC in ten minutes as proof I could do it and it also used Xplode spikes

why did you steal a line straight out of my attempt at something for the 2020 BIO-Cup
Also you contradict yourself saying that you’re not going to revisit any of these but you said you want to revisit this one (even though I think this MOC is probably most worthy of building upon)

this also reminds me of an old red flame-wing MOC of mine

you keep saying you might revisit these even though you said you wouldn’t.

Anyway my votes are for bioformer and sea monster dude (though with the latter, I want to see what happens when you go even harder on the crustacean aesthetic)


Yeah, I know I sound wishy-washy (I wrote this on a sugar induced hysteria), but the reason I say it is because I personally am not interested in finishing them, but that’s because I do not see any particular potential in them.
I suppose if I was a bit clearer, it would have read something like “I don’t really want to work with these any more, but if people see something worthwhile that I don’t, let me know and I may come back.”

Anyways, thank you for the criticism. If I can find the money somewhere to buy matching claws for the sea monster, I may take your advice, a crustacean MOC might be cool.


You have just saved the Boards from another plague :pray:

relatable :goo:

Overall, a lot of the MOCs remind me of my building level from a while ago, and the decision to move on from them is a wise one - with MOCs much worse than these, I was caught in an endless cycle of “upgrading” them ad nauseum until I almost didn’t want to build at all.

Point being, keep up the good work chief :saluting_face: if anything, you’re moving at a much faster pace than I was years ago, and with a higher quality end product, too.