Scraps, Guardian of Stone

This is Scraps, a member of the Okotan Guardians.

Who are the Okotan Guardians? They were a group of individuals, brought together by the Toa. They trained under them, eventually being named honorary Toa by Ekimu. They were sent on a mission to obtain the stolen Mask of Imitation. Three members of their Toa team were killed in the battle.

When they returned to the city of the Mask Makers, it was under attack from strange corrupted beasts. They helped fight off the beasts, and when Ekimu returned, the surviving members abandoned their Toa titles to honor their masters, and formed the Okotan Guardians.

Now onto Scraps specifically. Scraps was the honorary Toa of Stone. And he looked more like this.

But his original body and his Mask of Regeneration were both destroyed in the battle for the Mask of Imitation. He was brought to Korgot, who had to build him a new, completely robotic body, and install his consciousness into it.

Because of this, Scraps suffers from a few glitches. Primarily, his speech doesn’t always work properly, causing him to mispronounce words. He also doesn’t think much before he speaks.

Despite his flaws, Scraps does his best to support his team, and protect his people.


He’s amasin


I believe you meant to say “was” and not “were”

Anyhow, onto the MOC - Well… it’s a thing, fairly simple, nothing too bad about it. Truth to be told, the only thing that remotely puts me off is the name - Doesn’t exactly feel like a name fit for Bionicle.

No, because I’m talking about two things, and not one single object. I did word that part of the sentence incorrectly though.

He has a real name. The name Scraps was a nickname given to him at a point in his back story, because his orange body was built by the Mask of Regeneration, from the scraps of dead Okotans.


Except you were talking about a single thing. When you separate the Mask of Regeneration from rest of the sentence, the single addressed object is his original body.

If you wanted to use ‘were’ it should be “But his original body and his mask of Regeneration were destroyed…” not “But his original body, alongside with his Mask of Regeneration, were destroyed…”

Alternatively you could say “But his original body, alongside with his Mask of Regeneration, was destroyed…” - So yes, you made a mistake one way or another, independent of what your intention was.

I don’t really see why a sentence is that much of an issue. But either way it was fixed before you replied.

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Just saying - It’s the little things.

Anyways, the MOC really is nothing bad but also nothing good either… It just does not particularly catch my eye.

Pretty neat! the colorscheme works better then I thought it would, however the two shades of green is rather…eh.

So if this takes place in expenses G2 cannon why is he yellow and not dark orange?

The MOC itself isn’t anything bad, though I would say to not have trans bright green on him and only use neon green.

@RaptorTalon Sadly I couldn’t get Brain Attack Surge for a reasonable price.

Because he was never dark orange to begin with, he was just orange. And the yellow was a different enough color so that he’d still somewhat fit, and yet still stand out.

Again, Brain Attack Surge is expensive.

even i could tell that he was referring to this original body, along with his mask.

so the body and the mask got destroyed.{“color”:16}

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I like this. The only gripe I have is with the shoulders, but I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with them. I do like how they work, though.

this looks pretty good, i like the concept too

As a sentinel of the brotherhood of steel, I think this is an abomination!!!

Bit non the less, this is a good moc and I look foward to more in the future

it’s scrape! I, uh, mean scrap.

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Nice reference bro.


I think these are all nice but as said earlier by MakutaTexxidos they aren’t anything spectacular. One thing I think you did well tho is the way they all look like a team without looking the same.

They aren’t designed to be special. They are designed to be a team, and still be individuals. But they are supposed to not seem spectacular.

The red one, Kasai, my self moc. Was made specifically to not stand out, because I don’t stand out, I’m a fairly average person, pretty boring honestly.

And while these characters certainly aren’t boring in their personalities or what they do, I wanted them to seem like regular citizens, stepping up to do what they must.