Scrooge McDuck

A wealthy duck who appears in various Disney media. This moc was inspired by the Disney series two collectible minifigures that were recently announced. His beak uses the Boba Fett shoulder pads and his head feathers use the key wings from 4704 Chamber of the Winged Keys, an old and laughably outdated set from 2001.


Love this design and amazing piece usage!

NPU all over.
Well done! I love it.

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You forgot one important detail… his lucky number 1 dime

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You’re right. Unfortunately, he can’t hold it due to the way his hands are designed.


Then I give it 0/10

Jk lol I love it


It’s so funny! He looks happier than the actual Scrooge… I can’t believe I see a Surge helmet for his body!

The use of the Surge helmet for his torso works surprisingly well.

Thanks, the smaller constraction masks tend to integrate better with system lego.

Also, if anyone’s wondering what how the hat is designed, it’s actually really simple.

You basically take that funny clip hub and attach handlebars to it, then cut two strands of pneumatic hose to ~9 cm and attach them to the handlebars.


I guess because the small masks aren’t as detailed nor specialized as most Constraction mask parts tend to be

It’s a scaling thing. Scrooge is about the same height as a 2007 Matoran, but his head takes up half his height so his torso isn’t going to be very large. Nothing to do with how detailed the mask is, but the scale and color is appropriate here.

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I see

Curse me kilts, this is good!

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His glasses are really weird looking

Now this is a duck who could row across the Potomac to catch a silver dollar he skipped across it.

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