SDR X-1 Tatiana Battle Mech

This is actually more than one drawing of the same thing, a concept for a mecha I've had floating around for a few years now

At the end of the 21st Century, walking battle machines compliment almost every nation's military.
One of the leading manufacturers of these 'mecha' is Czar-Panzer Mechanics, a joint Russo-German corporation, dedicated to providing the countries of the European Union and Neo-NATO with elite weapons.
While leading in the production of exoskeletons and mechs below 20 feet tall, they were behind in making larger than 20 feet mechs.
Most large mechs at that point were required more than one crew, and required a large fuel source.
In bold attempt to get past these obstacles, the company developed Tatiana, a fully automated A.I. controlled quadruped type mech. This prototype was to be the basis for future mechs produced by the company, however the SDR-X1 had one design flaw.
The A.I. system was too advanced, and too intelligent to arm a war machine. The computer could actually think and make decisions on its own, plus it wanted to choose its own pilot, not allowing even techs into the cockpit.
Tatiana became one of a kind, later Czar-panzer produced SDR's were produced with lesser intelligent A.I. system. Tatiana was later sold to a private military company in the United States, to make up for the near bankruptcy resulting from her construction.


Wasn't there an anime with animal mechs?

The art's pretty good.

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Zoids...and maybe Voltron...


ZOIDS! That's it.

Yeah, I was immediately reminded of that.

Reminds me of something from Zoids. That means it is groovy in my book. I like Zoids a lot.

I rate this drawing... An amazed cat out of ten.


10/10 all the way.

Looks really nice, interesting backstory too.

This reminds me of Ravage from Transformers, accept he isn't 20 feet tall, like you say.
BTW, what's ZOIDS?

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Thanks dudes. Actually she's about 48 feet tall...I forgot to add those details...
Ravage was a partial inspiration for her, especially his depiction in the movies.

Zoids is an anime and model kit franchise based around these large animal based mecha/giant robots.
The Zoids were actually biomechanical life forms rather than regular mecha like most other franchises
One of their flagship models was the Liger Zero, a lion based mecha.

My plans for this is to someday make a stop motion puppet version of it to use in future videos and such.
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Huh, interesting