Sea of Thieves

who here is excited to play Sea of Thieves in a few days?



Saw my friend watch a play through of this, looks pretty fun.

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It is fun to play. Me and my brother enjoyed our time playing it. The other part is that the game has no lvl up or anything like that, everything is more based on skill than how powerfull your sword or gun is.

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I want to get this game, but I don’t have an Xbox. Strangely if you look on the microsoft store on windows 10 you can purchase it.

yeah, its for pc too. I played the beta, and i don’t have an Xbox one or whatever new xbox console is out right now.

Edit: Forsaken Shores trailer:

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How is this game? Might get it

I can’t really say because there are just so many things with the game and i just am not the right person to ask how the game is.

Go and watch a few reviews, but look only for the more recent ones, most of the complaints about the game came because the game had little to do originally.

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Finally purchased the game. The arena is quite fun.

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