Sea Serpent

My entry to the 2019 Bio-Cup Preliminaries…

Anything ocean related is very fascinating to me but is also incredibly terrifying at the same time, so I wanted to build something relating to that for the contest.



something tells me it needs more oomph
i can’t tell, i think it’s just not scary enough

Understandable. Fear is entirely different subjective anyway, but I was asking through my head what would terrify me, per se. If this was looking at you in real life, would you be scared? It doesn’t need to be incredibly complex or sophisticated to be scary. It’s all up to the mind of the builder in this case.

I’m not undermining your criticism, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from.

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I would add a little more green to correspond with the head, but it looks great in rest.

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I love the Ehlek head, even if the green is far too contrasting to the rest.

That head is gorgeous

Simple yet effective build. And I like the base too.

What’s with all the snakes in the front page feature? :stuck_out_tongue: