Searching for kanoka and other 2004 collectible and novelties

So recently I have been wanting to collect everything 2004. So I have been thinking which is the best way to make this possible.
Well that my good sir /s is to ask you a small favour right? The thing I want to ask out of you is if there is any chance you be willing to trade some of your Kanoka or as the title implies I 'm searching for the comics, books and other novelties like the toothbrush or canisters.
Because I am from Sweden the shipping to Us will most likely be more than 10 Usd so if possible I would prefer offers of more than one piece per person since 10 Usd for one part will be no good for anyone's pockets am I right.
If you are from Europe the shipping will be around 5-6 Euro also European canisters and promo Cds is Advantageously but when it comes to comics and books I prefer it in English.

Here is my wanted list

-Dark blue Kanoka launcher

-These Kanoka
116, 117, 125, 132, 159, 171, 184
212, 225, 226, 234, 253, 265, 287, 279
314, 326, 334, 338, 339, 357, 361, 373, 382
416, 429, 442, 473, 468, 485
574, 521, 543, 565, 536, 548, 589
665, 685, 638, 663, 654, 646, 677, 619 + Vakama disk

-Ultimate Dume mask

-Instant win Toa Metru cards

-Kanoka code cards

  • Promo disks all except Nokamas

-Toa Metru Mini comics

-Metrutoran Mini comic

-Comics issues 16 -21

Here is what I can offer.
1x used Vorzhak without disc
1x used Nuhrii without disc
1x used good guy with original Donald duck comic it arrived in.
Masks and helmets
1x Phantoka Kopaka mask
1x Protector of Water Mask
1x Inika Kongu mask
1x Inika Jaller mask
1x Pearl silver Avohkii from Takanuva 2010
3x Flat gold Iruni masks
1x Black Hydraxon mask
1x Antroz mask
1x Fenrakk head
2x Skrall heads
2x Malum helmets
1x Ehlek Head
3x Rahksii heads red, green or white
1x Atakus helmet
1x Tarix helmet
1x Gresh helmet 2009 version
1x Furno helmet
1x Bulk helmet
1x Explode helmet
1x Fire Lord helmet
I have also a broad selection of parts so if you want a specific piece just ask.
1x black Kanoka Launcher

Disclaimer: No Used sets please already have the full wave except Ultimate Dume

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  1. Are all of the pieces legit, or are some of them bootleg?
  2. Do the Inika masks also come with the head pieces?
  3. Are we talking about the original Phantoka version of Antroz, or the shapeshifted variant from the Jetrax T6 set?
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First of all are legit pieces no knock offs. Secondly the mask at the moment does not have their head pieces in them but can be arranged and Antroz's mask is the original one and not the Jetrax t9 version.

Anyway if you have more questions feel free to ask.

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