Secondary self moc Cotorax dæmon slayer

Long ago there where six powerful masks and swords that gave the user the ability to kill dæmons. They were scatered acros. The world and forgotten 300 years later a half dæmon named cotorax is and a few others have found them and using them to protect the world

Edit: sorry for the scrabbled pictures


I think this MOC would benefit from a shorter neck and shorter legs to make the proportions more pleasing. That said, I like the colors you use here.


Well he’s half deamon so his preportions are different

what’s with the quadruple-length legs


The main problem I have is that this guy’s proportions are all off. Everything feels longer than it should be, especially the legs

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First look: O hey! A regular moc! Nothing fancy but…
Second look: He have three knees and two elbows? That’s horrible!

Even if they are different, they shouldn’t look out of place. If you want to make his legs longer, then you have to make the rest of his body longer and thinner, too.

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Hey it’s ok that you guys have a problem with my mocs having long legs and arms I’ll fix that on most of my mocs but for this one and the other one I posted last night I have specific reasons to not

Why? Color scheme? Lack of parts?

The color scheme is pretty good, by the way.

I just like the way this one look and the other one is because he needs longer lims to incorporate his robot arm

Needs a longer torso or shorter legs. I like the colors though.

Is it supposed to be deamon or daemon? In the title you put deamon, yet in the post you put daemon.

Oops I’ll fix that

Not crazy about those legs

V2 coming soon

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I don’t fully understand why you used more than 2 CCBS bones for each limb. It looks a bit off. You might want to make it a little shorter, as well. This would make the torso seem less small compared to the limbs.

I like the color scheme and the weapon’s pretty cool.

Wow. I love this. The height of the subject really compliments it well. You picked a very nice shade of silver to accompany it. A lot of people are criticizing its height, but I really couldn’t disagree more. It probably wouldn’t accomplish nearly as much as it does if it were any shorter. Despite the fact that I can’t tell the brand, I really think it is a lovely refrigerator.


11/10 best refrigerator