Selection of Masks, maybe rare

I have a bunch of masks, and I’m wondering if any are rare. I’m also wondering if I should sell them all together, and what the price should be. Any ideas?


From what I can see none is actually rare, but some may be more valuable than others.


Ok, only one who’s price range I outright know is the Ignika’s and that’s about 10 - 20 bucks dependent on condition and sellers choice. So that’s something.

(And now to keep an eye on this in hopes it does get sold because I still need more masks.)

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None of them are rare, but there’s certainly uncommon ones. I also find it hilarious that one of those “masks” is Nuva shoulder armor. :joy:


I mean, hey, if it works it works. XD

There’s nothing rare in there

Most likely the black brain slug would probably be the most rare

10-20$ is a pretty big price for a mask actually…

Yeah, I know. It’s bloody irritating when trying to get one. Especially once you have to also throw in the shipping costs along with it.

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@prentice1215 My bad, I’m not an expert XD

@KAI_BORG Do you have any idea if anyone would buy these, and how much I should sell them for?

@IsaacJVladoff What is the mask actually called?

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I’d recommend selling them as a lot. As for price, eh… Anywhere from 30-50/60 I’d say.
Heck, dependent on it being USD or CAD you’d be accepting, and the shipping costs, I’d be happy to pay anywhere from 40 - 50 for 'em.

Either that or them up on eBay as a bid with a base price of 10-20 or so and see how high they rise, but that also comes with the risk of them only going for the base price.

Your choice really. How much do you think they should be?

Are you saying you’d buy them from me?

Well so long as the shipping costs don’t end up being something like $60 heck yeah. I’m not joking when I say I need masks.

Though dependent on whether or not you use USD or CAD, how much I’d be willing to pay would be up to change. It’s why I gave my site recommendation, seen plenty of mask lots go for pretty good prices before.

Not many are rare, though I can list them (from left to right) and their rarity.

  1. Kalmah’s head - pretty common
  2. Skrall helmet - common
  3. Scarox Brain - common
  4. Black brain - uncommon
  5. Gunmetal Vezon head (3x) - uncommon
  6. Silver Ignika - rare
  7. Nuva shoulder armour - very common
  8. Black phantom mask - slightly uncommon
  9. Kaukau Mistika - common
  10. Gali Uniter mask - common
  11. Stringer Helmet - common
  12. Great Tryna - common
  13. Gold mask of fire - common
  14. Noble Avsa - common
  15. Vorox helmet (2x) - common
  16. Infected Gold mask of jungle- common
  17. Furno Helmet (2x) - very common
  18. Great Iden - common
  19. Pridak head - common
  20. Gold mask of stone - common
  21. Great Mohtrek - common
  22. Mask of stone - common
  23. Akaku Phantoka - Common
  24. Noble Shelek - common
  25. Furno XL Helmet - slightly common
  26. Blue Skull spider body - very common
  27. Yellow 3.0 animal head - common
  28. Stormer helmet (2x) - common
  29. Green Skull spider body - very common
  30. Black protector mask - common
  31. Gold Gali Uniter mask - common
  32. Great Rode - common
  33. Great Kadin - common
  34. Silver Arachnix Drone body - common
  35. Great Elda - common
  36. Toxic Reapa head - common
  37. Silver Drilldozer/FireLord (2x) - common
  38. Gunmetal Drilldozer/FireLord (2x) - common

It’s actually just called the black brain slug, It’s from the brain attack hero factory line

It’s from a promotional polybag actually.

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from the brain attack hero factory line

Of course, but from a polybag, not a mainstream set.

And now I’m even happier that I lucked out and obtained one a year or so ago from a miscellaneous parts bag I purchased off of Ebay.

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