Self-MOC Advice

So I'm thinking of making a Self-MOC for myself after not having MOC-d for at least 6 years.

Not the biggest fan of self-mocs, persay, but I'll be making a character that's somewhat reflective of my personality and attributes. In the words of @LoganDub, I shall be making a flagship MOC.

I plan on having a pearl gold and black colour scheme with an Irnakk head. Although gold and black isn't a very creative colour scheme, I find it the most befitting.

What I need you guys' help with is good recommendations for parts packs. I'll be ordering Brutaka, Von Nebula, and a few random bins to start myself off.

So, any good pearl gold/black parts packs you guys would recommend?


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Not really a creation yet, but aight.

The latest incarnations of Tahu and Kopaka come with rather large quantities of gold parts, so I recommend you pick them up if you haven't already.

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rocka 4.0 and rocka xl have some good gold and black parts


Onua - Master of Earth might be a good idea if you need CCBS.



  • Do you have a basic idea in your head of what you want your Moc to look like and/or convey?

  • What type of build are you going for? (bulky, slender, short, tall, etc)

  • What type of parts are you aiming to use? (CCBS, technic, Inika build, ect)

It isn't. You need a bright accent colour but in low quantities spread around the Moc to avoid making it look bland (ex. trans neon green). See Dr.ScorpionX's self-Moc.


Aside from just buying whatever specific pieces you might need off bricklink, I think picking up a LoSS or 2 is a good investment. Plenty of glatorian neck pieces for custom torsos, good technic pieces and lots of black CCBS. Onua also has some good parts, like stated above, but he's $20 and most of the parts you want from him you could get from Tahu and LoSS.



Yes I do. Wouldn't be considering making one if I didn't.

It's not going to be exclusively one thing. He'll have a similar silhouette to the '08 makuta.

A healthy mix of all three. I'll use technic to get some of the more defined shapes and custom builds out. G1 bionicle pieces for detail, and CCBS here and there because they're pretty useful.

Aye, I'll figure that out once I finish the general build of the MOC. I chose the gold/black colour scheme primarily because it's indicative of the kind of character I'm trying to build. Besides, gold is a great highlight and black is the best undertone.

To clarify: it's not that I haven't touched lego in 6 years, it's that I haven't done any extensive mocing in that time. Ever since I found out Bionicle came back I went on a renaissance of sorts, Sifting through whatever pieces I had left, scouring MOCpages for cool new ideas and inspiration. I don't have nearly enough pieces to make anything near impressive right now, but that's what this thread is for. Gathering pieces.

Also, @Risebell I probably will get at least one LoSS, and maybe pick up Tahu for his armour pieces. Although, just ordering 6 of em off of bricklink with everything else might be cheaper.

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$20 here in the States.


Okay so

Black parts:
I suggest looking at hf, and certain chima constraction

as for currently out sets, go for LoSS
He has a solid 6 of the 4 sized hf bits
Onua only has four, and that big chest thing
Also, onua has gold, but only four pieces
go for tahu and kopaka for the gold

Next to suggest good hf sets

Core hunter is a real nice source of good black pieces

Black phantom also provides you with size 6 armour plates, in black

Thornraxx provides certain specialised pieces that could work

Toxic reapa has some nice black pieces too

Now as for gold

you might want to look at rocka stuck_out_tongue
to be more specific

Breakout rocka, Rocka Crawler/BrainAttack Rocka

and scarox

oh, and these are some pretty solid sets that contain good parts:
Chi panthar
Chi Laval
Chi Fluminox

Next, on, the actual building of the self moc
Do you want the moc itself to look skinny or bulky?
short or tall?

Do you want to incorporate a bunch of system, or make it fully constraction
nother thing
custom limbs and torsos are pretty hard
I suggest starting out with something simple, rather then something super complicated

another other thing
I feel like a cape would suit you, I suggest using Chi sir fangars cape
Its baller

Hope this helped you

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I'd advise watching @MaximumWarp's video on how to MOC.


that's what my desk looks like regardless of wether I'm making a moc xD


If you can find invasion from below sets on clearance, a lot of those have black bones and shells. I just got a queen beast vs furno, evo and stormer at a discount and it came with five black 5 size shells, short bones, and lots of handy parts.

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my store still sells them for the origional price -,-

Not particularly bulky, but pretty built nonetheless, and pretty tall.

Exclusively constraction.

That's the plan.

That it would.

Yes, yes it did. Thank you senpai <3

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