Self Moc: Aegis

Wow, my first post in a looooooong while. xD No matter, I finally remembered my self-moc and decided to upload one of his pictures to the forums. Why one you ask? Well, I have no other websites I can upload my MOCs to other than DeviantArt. I'll see what I can do in the near future, but with a Galaxy S6 that shoots really high rez pictures, it'll be rather difficult to get a photo that doesn't have a large size. As for the MOC, I'll let you critique it and tell me what I did wrong/right. ^_^


Nice! could use some more pics though...


consistent color scheme, the eyes really seem like they glow, it looks awesome, cool fingers, cool gun, cool everything, yup this gets the MFS seal of approval


more piuctures would be nice. Plz make more

anyway onto the moc, really nice. Though it's a custom Skrall with green eyes according to the appearance and color scheme, the customization here is great.torso might neeed work but then again I can't really tell until more pics are added, really like the legs. Nice cannon arm and shoulder pads

It actually looks rather good. Little stagnancy in build, especially for a MOC of this size. Bravo indeed!

Nonetheless, critique is difficult without more picture.


This, this I quite like


Critique Time!

Consistent colour scheme
Cool gun
The legs look really sleek and cool
I really like the shoulder armor

Those feet don't look all that stable
Upper legs could use some armor
In the pose you have him in I can't tell if I'm right but I think the torso might be a bit too rectangular.


(More pictures would be nice)

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