(Self Moc again) Toa Dagarak version 2

I think I've made an improvement to my previous Toa self moc, making him look more complete even without he cape, changing the mask a little since I'm using the original for his Matoran counterpart and even implementing the cape in a different way

Mask of Pocket dimension
Comparison to the original
He does look rather Villainous for a Toa


I like him more with the cape, and gosh that cape idea still rocks, and awesome color scheme!

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Looking pretty cool. The color scheme and posing sell it. Would like to see the thighs done a bit better, e. g. with real armor.

That custom mask is pretty awesome.

I like the color scheme. Pretty cool MOC.

Something tells me he wants a dance off!


Of course, Dagarak loves a good dance

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