[Self-MOC] Bioman

Many people in the Bionicle community have a self-MOC, but I didn’t have one…

until now!

I introduce: Bioman (hmmm i wonder where he got that name from hmmmm)

Armed with a great energy sword and a powerful shoulder blaster, this dude is a respectable fighter.

One of my favorite parts is the head. I’ve already used the upside down foot on a MOC in the past, that’s why it might look familiar to you.

His left arm is normal while the right one is technologically enhanced.

Standing among peers as a size comparison

This is it. I’ve finally cooked up a selfmoc! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and built this guy over the past ~2 weeks. It is, coincidentally, the tallest Bionicle MOC I’ve built to date.
In the center there’s a Hordika torso which I built around with angled liftarms. The asymmetrical arms were something I wanted to include ever since I first thought about it. I have no idea why, but it fits!
Initially I also included the Sky Guardian’s wings, but they were a little too much. This MOC is already loaded, the wings just made it look even more cluttered.
I’m really happy with how this came out!


My favorite bioman is now a man

I like this guy. He’s not overly complex or over-the-top which lends itself well to the design choices. My favorite part has to be that while the shaping is pretty cohesive, it’s not so jam-packed together that you can’t determine what the individual pieces are.

I do complain that the arms are probably too basic, though. Some more armor on the shoulers or biceps would not go unappreciated. Apart from that, he’s fun, he’s recognizable, and he’s Bioman.


Always nice to see that sword piece getting some use. Good MOC!