Self MoC(?): Codename: H0M1K4

The development of the Maxilos robots began during the time of the Hand Of Artahka. In the development phases, it was supposed to be an offensive unit rather than a guard.

(Front Shot)
H0M1K4, is a prototype Maxilos robot. He was built in a lab in the island of Ze Nui. The lab was abandoned after the fall of the HoA, and H0M1K4 was put into storage. 200 years after the Great Cataclysm, he was rediscovered by a group of Ko-Matoran returning to Ze-Koro after a hunting trip.

(Back Shot)

(Combat Mode)
H0M1K4 is armed with a shoulder-mounted Cordak Blaster and a simple spear. Due to his then-advanced combat processor, he is proficient at using these. He isn't that intelligent, however.

Height comparison with two of my other story MoCs, "Little Tim" and Turaga Kikag.
Also, Onua photobomb.

His skeleton is supre spoopy, m80 m8.

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Simple but cool looking Mocs. Recommend beefing up H0M1K4's legs.


Yeah, um, about that...
I only have one black Inika leg and two Mata Red Inika legs, and I don't want to order any Bricklink parts. Be thankful I filled in the Hordika legs.

I don't mean replace the legs with another set of legs, I meant for you to use random technic bits or armor or something to beef them up...unless you don't have those either....

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What pieces do you recommend for beefing up Hordika legs?

Never owned Hordika legs, so I wouldn't know. Probably would go with something silver for the colour scheme/layering.

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nice job Hewkii smile

I see you skull spider. Hiding in the shadows, thinking you all spooky. Waiting for a protector to walk by that shelf to get on his face. "I'm going to get on your face." "No, don't get on my face." Hehe relaxed