Self MOC: Derro

Yes. Me again. With the shaky camera.
wait for it...
Amazing, I know...

Anyway, I have come to the decision to use this magnificent piece of equipment in order to take more thorough pictures of my Self MOC. I also have ditched the indoors for somewhere more...natural. Ahem...

Once upon a Febuary day in Texas,

I took a picture.

The end.

This is my Self MOC, Derro (or Darro, I haven't decided completely). He is the most extensively modified MOC in my collection, mainly due to one freaking annoyance...

He has a bit of backstory, too. Ahem,

He is one of the failed experiments of Makuta Spiriah, which resulted in him turning from a normal Skakdi into a monsterous version of one. He escaped, but lived alone in fear of being killed. This is when he cut off his own spine, as he wanted to forget his torment on Zakaz. At some point, he was discovered by several Dark Hunters, who were about to kill him, only to offer him a position with them. When he accepted, he was taken with them and became one of their greatest warriors. He carries a small pistol and cuffs combo, representing law and order. He dressed himself with Bog snakes and vines to intimidate his opponents and strike fear into the Matoran.

One day, he severely injured his arm during a hunt, and time was short. He resorted to chopping it off, and crawled back to his camp. He was fitted with a mech arm by a fellow Dark Hunter, Vector. (>wink< >wink<)

Probably couldn't imagine him with a spine. Still...

That big block on his right leg is a holster. I made 9 versions of it.
9. Versions.


Now, I'm not going to post for a while (I don't want to be 'that guy'). So, here he is.
Again, just say any critique you may have, no hard feelings.

(also, tell me if I did anything wrong when it comes to posting stuff, I didn't refresh myself on the rules. o_o )

Anyway, I'm off to do some more pictures. Of something. Probably.


Nice MOC and outdoor photography! A bit spindly in places, (I recommend adding bulk on the limbs). You should also try to add more keetorange to balance the colours a bit.


As for constructive criticisms:
Pretty much what @legomaster1378 said.


As for the holster...not bad. 7/10 MOC.


The MOC itself is rather cluttered. It has a concept to it though that is rather unique.

It has potential, but right now it resembles Skull Slicer in that the torso is standard levels of bulk but the limbs are scrawny. I recommend trying some custom limbs and a custom torso. It would majorly improve this MOC.

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Funny story, actually...
I was planning on revising this MOC for a...what, 4th time?....after posting.
Then, I look at these comments, and my problems with this guy are pretty much just repeated through different mouths.

Very cool, although I feel that you should've distributed the keetorange a bit more. Other than that, great!

I love how you used CCBS and the Inika system together and made it work. A lot of the time it doesn't work or doesn't look good but you made it work. I recommend trying to add pistons on the legs to make it look like it has some bulk

But wait! There is more:
Last picture... anything suspicious? (Dot dot dot) not re..-Wha! A broken piece! 1/10 broken parts

Jokes outta way, moc is preety interesting indeed, I like ideas you gone for (robotic arm? Unusual on self-mocs!)
There is alot (read: a bit) of things to upgrade, but overall it seems preety nice! No score boom

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Your MOC is the second one we covered, and I had quite a few things to say about it. ^^;

Hope you find some of what was said helpful.


Here with an update on my new design.
If you were interested.

So, if my absolutely fabulous camerawork confused you, this is the updated 'holster' leg. Added a bit of bulk (and keet orange) on the lower leg, and...I DID IT.


I suddenly realized I can incorporate the holster WITH my custom leg piece.
Now, as this is still work in progress, I have a couple of placeholder pieces, no biggie. Just trying to iron out kinks and whatnot.

Now, one thing I did to the body (other than KEET ORANGE) was incorporate a body design of mine I call the 'Av-Limb torso', which uses the two arm/leg pieces of the Av-Matoran. If you look closely, you'll see what limbs in question.

Also, I implemented a very weird neck connection...

Now, once again, this is work in progress. If there looks to be anything fishy, I will find it and try to 'clean' it a little more.


Remember that if you can to swap the chestplate with a different color, mayhaps?

The gunmetal as is sticks out.

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There's something very charming about this MOC, and I can't really put my finger on it- it's not groundbreaking, but somehow feels very fresh.

I like it smile

4 Likes's like you read my mind open_mouth
I changed the chest piece to black right before you posted.



Done with my Re-design. Although it's too dark outside for an actual picture session, I still snapped...some photos.


Back with some more updates.
I FINALLY got around to taking more pictures of my redesign. The question...
Is it better? Well, only I can answer that...but it's nice to have some help.

Personally, though, I like it smile


Could use a little bit of keetorange on his chest. Other than that it's alright.

I would say it's still good smiley Although like Codak said, that would be nice, and maybe avoid some code breaking with the pins? I realize that's nigh impossible, but... a man can dream.