Self-MOC: Distraxx, Toa Isa of Souls

Since I’ve been on the boards for (almost) a year, I thought it would be fitting to show my Self-MOC! The One Year Celebration thing is cancelled, also.
So without further ado, My Self-MOC, Distraxx!
But first, a TL;DR version of Distraxx’ story.
“Distraxx was a Toa of Shadow that showed up, and joined the Toa Unar. He fought with them for centuries and in a battle with War he died. He now is forced to serve Death, as a Toa of Souls.”

Now onto the MOC.


Back (With Cape)

Back (Without Cape)


Pose (probably)

Size Comparison With Ulrik (Turaga)

And finally, my new icon.

That’s it for this MOC, this took way longer than it should’ve, but I finally did it.


Looks good, but I’m just not feeling the giant yellow things next to his head.

He doesn’t feel like a Toa, more of some kinda villain, but the MOC is still good. The design looks simple, even though it’s not so, which really make the MOc more cohesive as a while.

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Get that man a horse, coz he’s very wide legged.
Have to agree on him not looking like a toa, you could maybe work into his back story that he’s a reverse toa or something. Other than that, good job :+1:

@Doot.r Thanks! The yellow things are mostly meant for coverage, I may remove them in the mini-update I’m gonna give him.
@BBricks Thanks! That’s because he was originally the main antagonist, so I wanted to keep the villain look. He’s also a dead guy.
@Boxxer HE’LL BE RIDING WARRRRRRRR YEEEEEEHAAW The backstory is currently in development, and the “TL;DR” is basically what it is right now. (except a lot shorter) Also thanks!

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I’m drawing this NOW!