SELF-MOC: Garnl, Cyborg Toa of Fire (v6)

Originally built by my prepubescent self by swapping out all of Jaller Inika’s trans orange and Metru red (torso only) for Hewkii’s keetorange, Garnl has been through at least 6 distinct versions, many of them never photographed. You can find some of the older versions on a Google+ community I moderate, The Legendary MOCists.

Basically he got blown in half or something (¯_(ツ)_/¯) during a battle and is now living life with a completely robotic lower body. IRL, however, it was due to some of the keetorange pieces used in his original Inika legs breaking after years of abuse.

He doesn’t have a backstory beyond that after the last one I came up with was unnecessarily complicated by time travel, HF crossovers, and dimension hopping.

This is not only my favorite MOC but also the most complex. I really wanted to make the Inika build proportionate, while also trying to mimic my proportions and body type IRL.

Surprise! He has a zamor launcher.

And it has a cap, so the zamor spheres never spill out when you turn it upside down. :smiley:

Additionally, the light-up eyestalk still works:

Other angles:

Garnl can store his sword as shown:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

And you can still store the launcher! :smiley:

That’s all for now!

Constructive criticism welcome.


For an Inika based design, this is pretty decent.


Thanks! I really wanted to show that using the Inika build doesn’t always have to make a bad MOC. Creativity and all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I…honestly don’t know how to feel.

It looks like two different MOCs were slapped together at the waist, which I guess might be part of the look…I am just unsure. And the inika torso does not do any favors. The chest armor seems really low, like maybe just lower the torso piece,so it sits right with the chestplate The arms are fine, a bit generic, but they work with the inika-look.

All in all…not bad. I just feel it could be better.


Thanks for the critique, bro! :smiley:

Yup. The idea was to have the lower half be CCBS to make a clear difference between his biomechanical half and his robotic half (hence “cyborg Toa”) instead of going “look biomechanical, but they’re silver so they’re robotic lololol.” XD

Tried to fix that with the 2x1 gold system plates at the top. I like the torso piece too much to switch it out.

There’s simply no way to do that without scrapping all of the custom stuff inside the torso and reducing him to a normal Inika build with CCBS legs. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I kinda expected this one. Arms really aren’t a priority to me, just as long as they support the weapons or whatever is being held.

It’s the best I can do for now. I need more keetorange in order to make a completely custom torso, but right now I’m satisfied.

This looks pretty good, although the arms are kinda thin.

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just looks like a revamp combo of naparu and Jallar

You, sir, have earned my respect.

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Thanks! As for the arms, I wanted to:

So it was intentional.

Could you specify?

Thank you! I tried to improve on the Inika build as much as possible, so the zamor launcher was a big priority.

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the inika versions has the look of jallar while the shoulder cannon from naparu

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then how do account for the legs?

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Well, I did say:

I can understand the shoulder cannon comparison, but like I’ve said before:


oh god.

i meant to say “how do you account for the legs”, in response to TLB.

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Something about the torso looks off, but the design of the legs looks nice.

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Oh XD lol


Thanks! The torso looks weird because the chest armor doesn’t sit where it does in the normal Inika build and I had to fill in the gap at the top with system pieces.

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ok, so, where did you throw vezon in your OG post?

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I love the leg design, it’s simple but effective. I actually use that all of the time. Also, designing a custom torso is hard, but managing to make it fit with Inika armor gets mad respect from me. Nice MOC!

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Glad you like them as much as I do! :smiley: CCBS ≠ Bad for MOCs

Thanks! If I remember correctly I woke up and looked at him standing there among my other MOCs and thought, “Wow, his torso sure is short. Maybe I should fix that…” and then proceeded to stay up until midnight working on the torso. I’ve noticed I end up doing that with a lot of my MOCs. :laughing:

I like it overall! Though some parts seem complex just for the sake of complexity/greebliness)

Like this, surely there’s a simply, cleaner way of making a cap! :stuck_out_tongue: