Self-MOC, Gerix, Toa of Air

I'm still working on his backstory, but this is a MOC I've had for a while now.

I really like the trans green in the protector mask, so I used it, and added small 'jungle' details just because.


Pretty neat MOC, I like the little details such as the vines you added to him.

I like the shoulder pads, almost like knight armor

I like it, the lime green on the shins looks a little out of place though

yeah ive been debating one moving some parts

Do you have protector of jungle? If so his trans green shells might work

I used them all XD

Oh, that's a shame, good MOC anyway. I'm guessing you've done this a few times before

ive actually been doing it for years, but in 2011 I tossed out all of my pieces and IMMEDIATELY regretted it. So I had to start over since 2012. check out my deviantart (pensensei) for my earliest stuff from 2012

I've just started, I used to hate breaking up sets but oh well. It was too fun

exactly, the only set I kept together was Vezon

I like how you've got the snakes and vines on him, they look pretty great. Those feet could use work, though.

The only set I don't dare take apart is Kardas, even for parts, took me hours to build. But so far Tahu and Kopaka 2015 are lying on my floor in pieces cos I used them for my first MOC. And soon Tahu 2016 is going to be joining them.
Yeah I've only made one MOC

yeah that makes sense, ive been tossing a foot design around, i'll post it when I build it

Thanks for the deviantart, you have some good designs there.
Here's my first and only MOC if you're interested:

Tell me what you think

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I saw it and thought I commented, its pretty good for a first, and reminds me of some of my older ones

Ok thanks

Those shoulder pads stick out a bit but look great! The lime green's fine for detailing like with the vine pieces, but I recommend getting more transgreen. Also recommend replacing the dark green fingers with black. Speaking of black, how about breaking uo the black in the torso/upper legs with some more green? I like your foot design but recommend you fill out the heel more. How about angling those back spike upwards a bit more? They'd add a lot to the figure's presence. Lastly, I recommend finding a more uniform background. A cluttered one takes attention away from the MOC.

I know I gave a lot of critique, but that's only to improve a MOC that I really like!

I have been digging a bunch of boxes out for a background XD
thanks for the critique, i'll consider it, and the heal thing was the idea lol

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I'd just recommend filling in the open socket. As Eljay would say, it lookds unfinished :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a thick bed sheet you could use?