Self-MoC: K4

eBay is a lifesaver.

K4 (Short for H0M1K4) was an old Hand Of Artahka robot and the prototype of what is now know as the Maxilos robots. When the HoA disbanded, K4 was left abandoned in a laboratory in Ze-Nui, the island which represented the GSR’s left foot. When Turaga Kikag and a small group of Matoran discovered and entered the lab, K4 was activated for the first time in centuries for security measures. After first meeting the Turaga, K4 began developing sentience.


(Obligatory Front Shot)
K4’s design was based on the Beach Stalker, an extinct Rahi on Zakaz.

(NyNy shot)

Close-up K4’s primary weapon, the Triple Switchblades.

Size comparison with Turaga Kikag and a modified Hewkii Mahri.

Please, leave complaints in the complaint box. I’ll be sure to check it today :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oh, torso design inspired by Moonwerewolfair. Hewks, reviver of old Biotube trends since 2015.)

EDIT: Upd8:


I like the claw, and upper body looks pretty cool, though, I am not a fan of the silver legs. They are kind of an eyesore.

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I like it, hands are pretty cool also. Would like to see you attempt a titan-sized version also :3

I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.

It was worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

I know most self-moc’s tend to go through varying levels such as matoran, toa, turaga and titan. Though its alright if you don’t want to do variants, just would be interesting to see you attempt it :3

I think this is quite decent. The silver Piraka shins are a bit bland and detract from the moc, but the rest is pretty ok. The inclusion of system only on the back of the hands is also a bit strange, so I would recommend throwing a bit more system scattered throughout the moc to make it seem more in place.

That will actually be quite dificult because K4 is not of the Matoran species…

@Ranaki_Pakewa I didn’t want to include that much System. The only other System parts are trans-lime studs in the thighs and torso.

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I mean in terms of size scale and stuff like that - if that makes sense?


It looks amazing! i really like the use of system parts to make better looking hands!

K4? Why not K-9 /Kappa

That makes sense.

I can really only do a small version though.

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I’ve never seen a robot self-moc before. Also, why is eBay a life saver.

The MOC looks great, but the legs need some black on them.

If it weren’t for eBay, this guy would just be a heap of incompleteness.

Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is overall consistent
  • Legs were filled up well
  • Upper arm armor looks Gr8
  • Waist is a bit too thin for my liking, but that is all opinionated
  • Horns look odd

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 9/10.

Fantastic Job! :smile:

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They’re not intended to be horns, but rather head ornament things. While I agree with the head ornament things (not actual name for them) being odd, I actually like it.

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love the body of the moc so unique :smile: is their a reason why the silver is all in his legs other than that its still g8

Very well done.