Self Moc: Kahieth

While this is my second post on the message boards and this is my real moc Kahieth haven't got a bio or anything for him but is open for suggestions hope you like it smile

Sorry if these are lame poses might post more if you like it


Are the lower knee armor suppose to be asymmetrical?
Other than that; the top section is well built.

no just got knocked off stuck_out_tongue might upload the picture again with them both staight up

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This build is impressive, but the way the lower legs bulge outwards is weird, the way the waist bulges outward is weird, the way the upper thighs bulge outward is weird, the way the ankles bulge outward is weird, the gear on the back looks off, the whole back looks flat, the white needs to be balanced out better, and his eyestalk breaks the colour scheme. A lot of stuff is loosely attached, like the Piraka feet on his knees, the arms on his arms, etc.


Also, Kahi-eth. XD


thx and I do agree that way the legs bulge out is a little off...(I personally don't really like the legs in generaly :P... limitation in parts) I can defiantly see the way the ankles and the waist can bulge out however I personally like that with the nuva armor I found It looked too empty without it and gappy, the white I don't really like either.. again it is mostly the sake of my limitation in parts might just stick to green/black and finally the back someone elso told me they liked the gear in the back so I kept it but I guess everyone has their own opinion. stuck_out_tongue
and thx that is a pretty good score for me first moc

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Legs are too short.

I'm loving those shredder claws!

Though they do look kinda plain, just tacked on those sockets....

Perhaps attach them on his forearms and give him black fists?

Dang it Pekekoa! You literally took the words out of my mouth! triumph
I wanted to give my anaylis, but you just had to come in and swoop it from my grasp! /s

IAS: Gr8 Job M8!

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I just did a over haul on this guys legs I'm not sure if it's going to be better or not but I'll post it tommorow stuck_out_tongue

PS if I got this double reply done wrong please tell me... still kinda new here stuck_out_tongue

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ok, I like this moc overall,

those lower arms are terrible,

a lot of this moc is awkward,
the hips,
the waist from behind,
the knees,

it bulges and tightens awkwardly, a leg shouldn't look like an 8,

the rahkshii heads being where they are makes it look like he has 3 heads,



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Ye did fine, laddie.