(Self moc?) Matoran Dagarak

As with most Toa, Dagarak was once a Matoran and just like his future self had an odd coloration for a Le-Matoran being green and red
I made this Moc wanting a small version of Dagarak to carry around as well as wanting to use some CCBS parts

Dagarak carried around a cutter to help with his job collecting plants it fit on his back when it wasn't being used


He looks cute blush..... AND DEADLY

I really like what you did with the cocoon pieces :3

He is actually rather peaceful despite looking creepy if you encounter him picking plants in the deep forests although he is rather good at catching those that disturb his garden

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I was just kiddin' with the deadly, after all i really like him smile

Really cool moc. I like how you used green and red since we don't see those colours mix often. Great moc. -Toa Aeros

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I really like the hidden claw holder!
This MOC is pretty neat. smiley

Nice! Though the lime and dark greens don't really mix all too well IMO...

Very nice design for a matoran build.

I think the bareness of the shoulders and upper legs is questionable, but I know why it's there. If I had any advice, it'd be to solidify a color scheme, and maybe minimize the ones it has at current.

He's cute! Some areas are a bit "raw" and unrefined, but those are primarily the grey bits.