Self moc mech

So I made a giant mech for my self moc, This took ~2 weeks to fully model.


First of all
Secondly - great work, that’s really huge. Cool hands - claw and tentacles fit. Nice touch with zamor launchers too.
Legs are not so good though. Gappy around the waist, and they are short (though shortness is not that critical). Also, how’s poseability?

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I has haven’t tried posing the big guy. But I know for a fact the knees, feet, elbows, head, and shoulders all have at least decent poseability.

MASSIVE! lol the big weak point is defiantly the waist, if I was fighting the thing that is where id shoot boom now you have no legs. fixing that would be no small task though it would require quite a lot to craft connections that feel filled out.
That aside still amazing

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