Self-MOC: Mythguard


Pretty cool, looks a bit to technic style with the beams and all, also it looks really weird with the armor on the legs and arms then tradition into beams and little armor, I would use a different style of foot many metru or an inika. The colors are great and I would use bricklink to get a better head since if he is a Toa he needs a mask. Also add two swords
On the back or daggers on the sides.

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thanks for the feedback though he isn’t suppossed to be a toa then again he is litarally unnamed in every way so I don’t even have a race in mind for him.

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This is pretty cool, as for a name, perhaps just call them Mythguard.
Oh, and if you don’t know how to edit a title, I’ll do it for you.

I’ve never really thought of just naming him that but I think I will Thanks!

As @Sealman133 noted, it looks nice but the transitions between the armor pieces and exposed technic looks strange. I would recommend reworking the upper arms, lower torso, and lower legs so that they have less technic showing and more covering.

The upper torso is great, though.

Seems like a knight.

I approve.

Reminds me of a certain Draon I once knew.


The upper arms are really weird. Really mess with the look of the whole thing.

I like the knight aesthetic you have going on, but the head really stands out in comparison, as well as the feet.

I like what you’ve gone with the upper torso, though. It’s got a nice aesthetic to it.