Self-MOC: Nebula, Toa of Gravity

My Self-MOC in Okoto.

Front (cape on)

Back (cape on)

Side (cape on)

Front (cape off)

Back (cape off)

Side (cape off)

Now for some poses.

“Oh, hello. I’m just swinging this around for no reason at all.”


“You’re dead to me. Dunno why I said that but it fits with this pose.”

“Obligatory epic pose.”


Here’s his weapon.

Here’s where It goes.

Here’s a size comparison with a cancelled MOC and a tiny MOC.

Storywise, Nebula is a space dude who crash landed on Okoto much time after The Great War (more on that In a future post) and after the original Toa defeated Makuta. He made a new Toa team (because the old Toa are dead) and then stuff happens that I’m not going to spoil. THE END.

Thanks for looking at this MOC, it took a while (because of vacation and other reasons) but it was worth the wait in my opinion. Constructive Criticism is appreciated! (sorry if the photos aren’t very good, I got a new camera and I haven’t figured it out completely yet.)

EDIT: Hopefully this fixes a lot of the problems! (I’m still gonna make V2 which will fix all of the problems)

(The legs are basically the same)


Idk, looks a bit too cluttered, I like the weapon though.


These are basically my thoughts as well.
Like, there’s a little too much going on.
Other than that, it’s pretty cool.

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A bit cluttered, but that weapon is nice.

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Some of the poctures are a bit blurry, but the moc looks fine

@blu I agree with this, I don’t think some of the armor needs to be there. Definitely will fix that when I revamp this guy.
@Lord_Tuma Same thing I just said, and thanks!
@Hutere Thanks!
@Omega_Tahu As I said, I got a new camera that I’m not used to yet. And thanks!


The pictures are a bit blurry, but I like what I see.

It’s a bit cluttered, but other than that I like it!

Nice work!
It definitely looks like a space dude! The shoulder pauldrons really give him some personality!
I really like the color scheme as well!

@Leoxandar As I said, I got a new camera that I’m not used to yet, and thanks!
@Ultimate_TChalla I do agree with this, and I will definitely change it.
@JonBlueFire Thanks!


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Good Von Nebula?
Is that you?
Nice MOC, though the trans seems too cluttered.

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