Self MOC-Night The Shadow One

This is my first Moc on the site. Now I do have a Mocpage account, under the some name. I will put a link to my page, just because I have more Moc there, and so you can get a idea what to expect from me. Thanks of looking

A closer look a the build

My type of Mocing, is that like to use small Technic parts to make arms and legs

Well as of story…well I like not to say too much, because I am writing a story. I may post it here or my Mocpage, but ever way I’ll let you guys know. But as of Night all I can say is that he has amnesia.
Well that it, that’s my self Moc, and I would like to know on what you think and I be back with more


It’s great, but his colorscheme kinda screams edgy to me.


This MOC looks really cool, particularly the torso. I think the color scheme goes well with him being ‘The Shadow One’, while the claws and spiky armor make him very threatening. My only complaint would be that the shoulders feel a little off for some reason.

not my style.

like the sword though.

Nice! That torso is b0ss.

Night, Toa of Bricks


because he is made out of bricks

…seriously he’s way too blocky. I’d recommend…a heckuvalot less technic.

This is really good mate.

This is really amazing. I’m super-booper-dooper impressed. So amazing. Good job. I love that sword, too.

Very nice, though like Ekorak said, the amount of exposed technic is a bit much. Perhaps you should smooth those areas out a bit more?

A good solid build.

sword reminds me a little of rubilax

He not a Toa, just because. But as for the whole blocky look, yeah I can under stand that it not for everyone, but thanks on telling me on what you think.

Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color scheme is consistent
  • The torso was filled up pretty well
  • Love how the torso was done
  • That sword is amazing
  • I don’t think the additional claw nails fit the rest of the MOC all too well
  • Thighs stick out too more than they probably should

I would give this MOC an 8/10.

Amazing job!

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Ooooooooh! I like it!

I like it. It’s a pretty original build tat leaves a lil to be desired. He’s a bit thinly armored. The sword is nicely designed as well. Good Job.

-mostly technic
-just sliver and black
-has unnecessary claws


He really just looks like a generic biotube-ish self-MOC.

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That’s not a flaw.


I never said it was

I’d disagree. Technic can be a cheap way out, and doesn’t usually require much skill.

I agree with Ghosty. It’s generic and Biotubeish

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Excellent job!

Although it does a get a bit blocky at some places because of the Technic pieces (the calves and lower torso especially), I do think you pulled off the humanoid shape better than some official sets have. I also like the detail you put into the upper torso.

Places I might suggest editing would be the upper arms (make them a bit fuller), the hands (something that fits the overall style better or at least streamlines better), and, as @Elijay would suggest, switch out the red pins and blue pins!