(Self-MOC) Novel V2

Sooo… I had a couple things in mind while building this guy.
1: Must be asymmetrical
2: Must have green and orange
3: Must retain components from his older model (Interchangeable weapons, engineering kinda stuff, skipped leg days, etc.

So I guess this is what happened.

Interchangeable weapons: ^v

The other blade fits on his back, btw

Am gon grab u m8, wach oot

As he is an engineer, I had to give him a monkey wrench. I’m sorry. (I also realized that the axle should be the lighter one, but I’m quite low on them)

The chest is a face. It’s not smooth anymore, @Ekorak mah man

Nice blurry side photo of the chest’s face. Or something.

As an engineer, he “built” my previous couple mocs to fight for him, as he’s not the most skilled fighter.

So, It’s me I guess. I’ve come to not like me as much. I don’t like this me that much either. Well, I guess I’ll remake him at some point

But in the meantime go ahead and insult this guy

Old me. Lot more orange.


okay this is good and all but now he has two faces on his torso and then a real one on his head and there’s clearly a point where we should have stopped but we’ve already passed it so screw it let’s keep going and see what happens

In all seriousness this is miles better than the WIP was. Slizer head still really irks me, though.

In addition, aside from the asymmetrical individual lower legs, he’s got a pretty strong profile going, and that’s one of the most important parts of any MOC to me, so good on you for getting that right.

Pretty unique overall. He’s got issues, but most of them wouldn’t be terrible difficult to fix.

Nice work.

? ?
You talkin bout the lower chest? When I bought those off bricklink, I remember them being advertised as feet… I don’t see a face there… I’m confused…

They’re not asymmetrical besides color, and the color I couldn’t control… Now I’m really confused…


The thing on his waist. It’s a Slizer head. They were just normally covered by visors, but there are eyes on the inside.

Individually. If you took a single lower leg off, it would be asymmetrical independent of the other. That’s what matters to me.

You’re welcome owo

Well that’s friggin weird

Yeh I gotcha. Not sure why that’s important, but am not a stoopd anemor

Good job making the whole asymmetrical thing work.

I really like his claw arm

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I kinda like the claw arms, looks pretty solid.

Miles better than the old one!

The shaping on the arms is pretty good though the legs look uncovered, I get the idea of skinny legs but they look a bit unarmored.

Protip: ignore Ek’s ramblings about asymmetrical limbs, they look fine, he just has weird tastes. :stuck_out_tongue:

My biggest complaint is the feet, they don’t really fit, metru feet would look much better. Also the torso is a bit on the rectangular side, otherwise it’s pretty solid.



Das aight. I’m a big fan of his mocs, so I usually will hear him out anyways.

Umm… I don’t have any metru feet… none that work here, at least.

What’s his page count

It is a stylistic decision based on accuracy and visual weight. Symmetrical limbs are the most aesthetically pleasing and tend to be easiest to build.


This is certainly a novel MOC.

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The book of my life is currently full of black, empty pages, so…

Yeah, well, y’know, that’s just, like uuh, your opinion, man


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Hence the :stuck_out_tongue: face

I’m aware it’s my opinion (shared by many other MOCists I know), just had to voice it to respond to Yink :3

Looks great, I like the look