Self MOC: Polus

Hi there, this is my first post on any message board.

This is my self MOC Polus,
He is a hand to hand fighter with steel tipped boots. With a sword and scythe for dire circumstances.

He was made in a factory, one for drones to defend cities. He was one of 5 beta models that gained consciousness and wondered off of the assembly line and wandered off into the snow. finding a earth based village where he learned he can control polarity and magnetism. He was given the task by the village elder to hold and never release demonic energy held inside a black sphere. Before leaving thanked the people and wandered off helping people, always keeping the the sphere closed and close.

and his second weapon

any thoughts?


That. Is. The most. Insane. Scythe. EVER.


oh wait nuva boots

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wow that has to be the biggest weapon I've seen for a M.O.C

What's up with his feet? They look like clown shoes. Also, the scythe seems overkill. It looks well built, but it might be just a little too big. Having said all that, the MOC itself looks pretty solid. Nice work!

Painted mask looks ok. Feet look goofy with the Nuva shoulders. Looks abit messy and cluttered too That scythe tho. It is


0/10 nuvaboots arent femenine

I like him! :smile:
I'm a little confused by the assymetrical scattering of white bits across him. Is that meant to indicate some kind of corruption going on or is it just a wierd paintjob? I guess the latter since he has a robot body and all.

I really like the tubes around him. You didn't just stick them on - you made sure they wrap around his body properly and actually look functional.


Nice MOC.

I'll be the one to say it.


Now, before I am banned for sheer stupidity, I'll be honest with you. The MOC is really well-built for what it is, the color scheme is nice, and that scythe, Holy Shiznits! The only gripes I would have with it would be the under-armored backside. Fix that, and you have a fairly solid MOC.

I like the overall aesthetic. Everything appears well built, however, the legs look a little long and thin. Maybe make them shorter and wider but keep the same general armor plating. Also, if you're keeping the Nuva boots, make a custom foot to bring them in more, they look odd sticking out like that. Otherwise, it's--


Holy Mata Nui...

That scythe..

I think I'm going to explode

Cuz I love it, have a cookie :cookie:

I absolutely love that scythe. The rest of the build looks great too. I love how intricate and complex everything looks. But as awesome as the scythe is, it does look a little long and unwieldy.

This MOC looks amazing. Also that Scythe is amazing too getting some bloodborne vibes from it

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Nice moc! That weapon is lovely.