Self-MOC Project (Kinzo, Xian Firesteel)

Hi guys!

So I’ve put Xiro, Dark Frost on hold for now (I might post my new changes later). Now, I’m trying to start a self-MOC project, the first pics are below.

Meet Kinzo, Toa of Fire. He was one of the Toa assigned to protect the island of Xia, until he went rogue and stole a set of armor and weapons. (This backstory will probably change as time goes on)
Element: Fire
Mask: Kanohi Suletu (honorarily carved in the shape of a Hau)
Other Abilities: Flight, increased strength/speed (from armor)

As always, feedback is much appreciated!

Also, the legs came from a design posted by @Rando a while back. Thanks for the design!


Awesome, though it could use some trans orange in its center or body, or mobue even trans blue.

I don’t really like the legs. They should be beefier, and the feet on the lower legs look really out of place.

Very cool. I like the leg design a lot. The pistons on the back of the calf, especially.

that’s a really good idea, hadn’t thought of that thanks!

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