Self MOC: Sonus Toa of sonics

This is my most recent rendition of my self MOC since joining the Message Boards. I'll eventually remake the legs in a more complex form, but I haven't thought of anything that really appeals to me yet. Let me know what you think.


I love the body! Good moc!

Very nice build, but try finding a different mask. A tryna works.

I always love these types of skinny mocs, they have a nice range of motion and just look really cool. The Avohkii is over used but it's an amazing mask, espcially for metallic and grey mocs. The arm and torso design looks quite unique and complex. The blue pieces are really noticeable but since your self moc has blue eyes I think they fit nicely. The legs of the moc however don't really fit the color scheme since they're basically all grey while the rest of the moc is silverish but you did say you are going to remake the legs so maybe you can find some more silver. So far I envy the skills you have to make this moc, the arms and torso are stunning, great job!

Thanks. I agree with you. After finishing, I thought the solid grey broke the color scheme a bit, but I wanted to get opinions on the rest while I concoct a more complex leg design.

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Noice! Kind of a flat torso, but otherwise he's great!

Torso's a bit boxy for my liking, though the arms are cool.

Yes the mask is overused though I personally think it fits well with the overall aesthetic and color of the MOC, and that's all that matters IMO

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Would you mind posting a picture of the legs? I can't seem to get a good look at them.

Overall, this is a good build. My suggestions would be to add some color, and please, for the love of god, change the mask. The Avohkii is so overused.

Color Scheme seems a bit bland, mask choice is questionable, and he seems kinda scrawny in general, but I do really like what you did with the chest.


@SammySpartan I've noticed only recently how overused it is. I can understand where your coming from, but I think that the mask in this case plays to the MOC's advantage. I chose it because I think it flowed well. Not because others are apparently using it en masse.

@ColdGoldLazarus In my defense. This is a Toa of Sonics. Look it up. They have a grey and black color scheme. I also prefer to try and give a certain complexity and elegance to my MOCS (Emphasis on try). Rather then just making the bulkiest MOCs I possibly can. Or it could be a physiological thing, that tries to reflect the fact that I'm fairly scrawny myself.

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Most mocs now focus on looking cool and your moc is amazing but what it does that most others don't is give me nostalgia on the old sets well done

Seems fair. :smile:


Whatever floats your boat. Difference in opinion.

I'm going to disagree with this because here it's not canon and it doesn't seem to fit the size for a moc this skinny (not that it's anorexic, but it's thinner than average).

The torso looks fantastic!

I think a toa of sonics should probably have a different mask, but i love the chest design

I think a little more triangulation of the torso we achieve this Mocs full potential and alsory good torso bud

Groovy Self MOC man. I love the build of those arms, and the build of the torso. The legs look a bit simple but they don't bug me that much.


I really wish Lego would make more black pins though. :expressionless:

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I have that too. Being a tall skinny guy that's usually how I end up making my mocs look lol.