Self Moc: Takajama

This is my first Moc so i hope you enjoy how it src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/d/5/d5309dd38698bbd4bd06d097f28389d183649d96.jpg" width="375" height="500"> 8698bbd4bd06d097f28389d183649d96.jpg" width="375" height="500">

I made it a goal to have human range of movement and to have and hold as many weapons as it can while still being huge. If love to hear of new ways to make him better! please give me your opinions.

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Plural's Quick Review:

  • Like the torso design
  • Very Cluttered
  • Open Sockets on the thighs look strange
  • Color Scheme is kind of Strange and Somewhat inconsistent.

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work wink


Dang it, do you just keep refreshing the Lego Creations category waiting for a MOC? You're always there with a review instantly!

Anyway, this is pretty cool looking! For your first MOC it's impressive!



that is all.
whatever @Plural said.

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Um... No?


t's time for a quick KARP/10 review. (K.A.R.P. Kool, And, Rad, Playa!)

Is it Kool And Rad? Yes. Good work Playa!

I give it a GuessWhoSkippedLegDay?/10

I like the color scheme. Metru blue and orange is a very rare combo that works surprisingly well together.
That said, there are some design choices here that are somewhat questionable. The mata-feet do not, and almost never have, work as armor. The black technic bar on his torso looks very out of place, and I personally dislike the use of Inika-thighs as lower arms. I've rarely seen it work, and never on a MOC this big.

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Hey, Majesticturtle, please try to keep everything in one post at a time. You can edit your posts by clicking the pencil button and adding more to it.

Thank you!

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Kandosii! Looking good! However this probably should be in the Lego Creations category, @Political_Slime or @legomaster1378

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Ya see, he has this set


Gonna agree with @Plural on lots of his points. While I like the complexity, it is very cluttered. I really like the colours (well, maybe not the silver, you should try rearranging/ditching that) and those huge shoulder pads.

Edited title and category -legomaster

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Maybe I don't, maybe I do. I do :frowning:

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So do I. :P

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I feel silly now. I'm going to do that...


I'm not a fan of the shoulders. Otherwise, it's pretty decent.

How did you put a picture in a spoiler tag?

This is a really cool MOC, despite being very cluttered.

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He might be a reviewing vigilante who sees first ask questions later

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