Self Moc: Tauraiden, and His Stand [Black Needles]

So, since i’m first here, WELCOME, i cant think of a good intro, but i will show you my self moc.
P.S.: Please Excuse The Quality, i do not have a decent camera

Name: Tauriden
Race: Unknown/Persumably Skull Creature
Ability: Stand User

And let’s not forget, He has a stand
For those who don’t know what a stand is

Stand Name: Black Needles

Stand Ability: Can desintegrate into a swarm of insects allowing it to fly, go into containers, and overwhelm opponents,
it can also ■■■■■■■■■■ because it is technically a huge swarm of insects, can only be damaged by attacking its core
which is a tiny red orb.

Power - B

Speed - B

Range - A

Durability - B

Precision - B

Potential - B



Omega’s legs are my main issue with the moc. They don’t match the rest of its color scheme and textures all that well.

The MB is no stranger to Stand mocs, I’m afraid.


Every moc has a stand these days…

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Yeah, cool moc though, little tired of stands TBH


Hmmmm cough Evangelion cough

The dark red and Burnt Orange don’t match well, and the Stand itself looks sorta basic, but the biggest problem is the arm that doesn’t match the rest.

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if only it stayed that way

Self-MOC is kinda cool. I quite like the torso, but the legs are - and I say this out of critique - absolute garbage in comparison.

Fix the legs and lengthen the arms and I think you might be onto something.

The stand.
Is a stand.
So I’ll go ahead and pretend it never existed and be happier for it.

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Not every MOC… I intend on keeping my dignity.