Self-Moc Teaser (PROTOTYPE)

Pretty much what the title says. Now I'm not completely finished with him, hence the heavily contrasting black and white editing, although I can leave you to guess what the finished product will look like. As for the Kopaka/Skrall sword/wrist blade, I just found it sitting around in one of my bins, which really means I need an original weapon. Guns, yes I would really appreciate that. The name? I do have it, but I will keep it secret. stuck_out_tongue

(Edit: I messed up the file name xD It won't change into what I want. Name is spoiled)


Looks pretty slick dude. Looking forward to the actual release.

Something happened above, and now I'm curious.


Why does everyone withdraw there posts?

Anyways nice moc, even if it's not finished. I'm extremely jealous of the hands. His color scheme is solid. Nice moc and keep on mocin'.


@SammySpartan @Aeros I had figured out the name and I revealed it in the comments and I withdrew so it wouldn't be spoiled, but no real loss there. Just a few little comments back and forth stuck_out_tongue

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And it's too late. The file name won't change. xP

blarg....This is gonna be a new thing, is it? tension arise


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Nice, can't wait to see it in all of its colored glory.