Self moc Toa leekkahu toa of sound v4

Here he is with an all be design
EDIT: sorry for poor picture quality and scrambled pictures I have an old phoe


Why are there 2 mocs? Is one of them a Matoran or something?
The picture quality is poor, but I’ll try to pin-point. :camera:

Skull Mask moc:
The coverage is reasonable, but the lower leg is distracting. I can’t tell what he’s holding-

Protector Mask moc:
A basic build, the blob of purple is “overpowering” the black color is overwhelming. I would suggest using black add-on and a small chest piece-

Overall, non of these scream “Sound” from what they wield.

Leekkahu wields nothing in mote pictures but in one he wields a hammer made of sound that oppon impact on something creates a massive blast of sound The little one is his matoran form and has no real powers so he carrys tonfas

I would switch out the background for something not akin to blue. That might help in being able to distinguish specifics in the photos

i cant even see them man.