Self moc: toa of destruction

Ok this is my first moc.

I haven’t given him a name yet, but I did decide he is the toa of destruction.
His first weapon is the hook-axe.

He uses it as a shield when he uses his blaster.

His weapons for the other hand are a sword.

He also has a blaster.

He can fly for short distances​ but he is to heavy to fly for long. To fly he uses this.

He has room for most of his weapon on his back.

He has the big foot because he likes jumping off high places to get into battle quicker. Eventually that caused his foot to break so it was replaced with this foot. It’s made of the strongest metals so it won’t break. He also uses it as a shield sometimes.

Thanks for looking at my moc. Tell me any suggestions you have. Also tell me if you want to see more photos of him maybe some of him fighting? Sorry for the low quality photos. :stuck_out_tongue:


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It looks too much like Onua 2016 with less purple and a massive right foot.

The right handed blaster looks good, but everything else looks rather incomplete.


I will continue building him more but I will be gone until Friday, so it will be a while. Thanks for the reply though.

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You might wanna try making him a custom torso for starters

it looks like onua but you have swapped a few parts his fake foot in my opinion looks rather hideous and nothing looks complete and hes got way to many weapons you need to spend more time on filling out the armour

What if the other foot breaks? My two main issues are that this looks too much like Onua 2016, with the other problem being the large foot, it just doesn’t work for the moc.

He’s got two guns? I wonder why-

Oh. I guess that’s a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good for a first MOC, but I agree with a lot of the suggestions here. I like the idea behind the foot, but I would suggest messing around with the build to make it a similar size to the other foot. I also agree that he should stick with one or two weapons; sure, there are a lot of cool options, but pick your favorite and really make it work. Also, more colors. Black is great, but black with another color is even better.

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Ok in a few days I will starts to work on him some more. Do you think it would help if I erase the printing off the torso? Also he’s the toa of destruction, thus the multiple weapons.

In my opinion perhaps not have him a toa as they fight for peace and a toa of destruction would seem counter productive to that. A good idea could be to make him a makuta or a dark Hunter. And for the printing don’t touch it but I would say swap the torso armour and go for a more basic build to start off with as you can still make good looking mocs without complex builds (my mech mocs are a good example of this) and about the foot a good idea might be to make his hole lower leg mechanical like the foot just add some gun metal parts and it should make it flow a lot better. And mybe to seem like it isnt just a burden lugging around all the wepons mybe have some mounted to his shoulders . I don’t mean to insult you build in any way with this btw its just some pointers to help you out if you need more just look around the board’s for some of that good insperation

I’m not insulted. :smiley: I will try changing the foot. I will take away his flight capability. So that gets rid of the propeller thing. I will also change the chest I have a few ideas but I don’t have a lot of bricks to work with, so this could be hard. I will try later this week. Thank you all for your feed back. Keep the comments coming! :smile:

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I had my resident mechanic attempt to make a new leg for you to take some insperation from just thought it would help


Now that is what I call a leg! I hope by Wednesday I should have some more photos of the updates

Alright. I have been working on him and… he’s huge. I have not finished anything but the new torso yet. He will be bigger than the g2 makuta. Yeah, that’s how big he is. Sorry I don’t have any new photos yet. He’s berry big so it takes a lot of time to work on him. I am hoping soon I will finish the legs and then show you what he looks like so far. Thanks for waiting. :grinning::grinning:


Here it is!
Here he is up close.

Here’s his back.

Finnaly, here’s his gun.

Sorry it was up so late from the original time I had said it would be up. he is verry big and it took a lot of time working on him. Please tell me what mask you think I should put on him. It can be a g1 mask. Saddly I will be on a camping trim until monday so I will not be able to see your feed back. Thanks :smiley:


Woah, thats a huge improvement! Looking really good, but you might want to swap out some of the larger armor elements for more intricate custom builds.

Keep up the good work! This looks like it’ll end up a pretty cool MOC.

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:open_mouth: Woah.

The legs are easily my favorite part, they look well-detailed and just plain cool. The back is exposed, but I think it looks fine. Having the chest be divided in half by the armor pieces is a bit weird, but not too bad. The jetpack piece on the lower torso just out just a bit too much; it works, but would need to be integrated more into the build. The arms look okay, but they’re a bit too smooth compared to the other parts of the body. You could solve this by either using custom armor or by using more detailed pieces. The head is… well, a head. My one thing would be that it looks incomplete without a mask. I think the Kulta/Skull Warrior mask would be appropriate, if you have one of those.

Now this thing doesn’t look like an 2016 Ouna carbon copy, the large body seems stable and still kinda retain weapon from his previous model.

Some complaint I have (aside from the color) is the double armor under the “pecs” and the limbs, the arms are a tad flat and lower legs sticks out; the fist and armor sticks out due to the type of ccbs torso used, the 2 large ccbs shell on the lower back seems to prevent the leg from bending, and the feet seems to have only one connection which can force the model to fall alot.

Overall it’s a major overhaul improvement, but still unfinished since you didn’t put a mask yet.

I am trying to choose a mask. I think I am going to go with 2002’s takanuva mask. I will be camping until monday so it will be a while.