Self MOC Topic: Buster, The Rage Stalker

Hello everyone one of the TTV message Boards, I have yet another MOC to show you today.

This is my new self MOC Buster The Rage Stalker. He took me a while to get to the point where I felt comfortable posting him here.He still has his flaws but I am actually quite happy with the way this guy came out.

He is the son of Darth. Unlike his father though, he prefers to stay in his dragon form.

Name: Buster, The Rage Stalker.
Species: Dagara.
Element: Ice, Rage.
Height: 1m in Human form, 3.9m in Dragon form.
Status: Alive.

I know I want to work on this guy, But I am not really sure what to do with him at the moment.
Well let me know your thoughts in.


He looks more scary than I expected.
Great moc.


Buster looks less ice-themed than I imagined. The wings don’t look like they could be used for flight.

So, I like this, but you should probably give him a more ice-themed color scheme and fill out the wings a bit. :smile:


Oh yeah I will totally do that.
But you see, I don’t have many white pieces. But I will work on getting more.

Also he is suppose to look like his wearing a suit of armor.

Okay I will just kind of run out of parts.

he Also doesn’t really use his wings for flight. He usually just uses he rage powers to bend the law of physics.

By the way that is not a joke. In the original he does that.

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What does this even mean


I also thought he was red energy…?

Am I missing something?

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The Dagaras have 11 gods named stalkers.

When he gets angry he turns red. The rest of the time he is blue. He also wears armor to hid that.

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I still find it strange that his wings are mostly decorative, but whatever.

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If you want I will go into that in the RP. Their is a reason for it.

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You don’t need my permission. What you do in the RP is up to you :smile:

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The design is alright, but the silver face being the only silver part on the MOC looks odd.

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When I make a MOC for his rage mode. I will probably swap it out with the white and red one. If I make a rage mode MOC that is.

Also there is silver on his wings.

Oh, whoops, didn’t see that =p

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To be honest, I imagined him being completely different. Also, I have a few things to critiques with him.

#1- His Body
For being a MOC name Buster, he seems to be rather thin. His midsection could definitely use some tweaking as well.

#2- His Wings
The wings appear to be rather lanky and the Lewa/Gali axe pieces don’t truly give off the wing vibe.

#3- His Texture
The texture of this MOC is rather rugged. His head stands out over every other aspect of the MOC besides for one strand of the wings with its bony texture.

All in all this MOC is good, but it definitely needs work in areas of it and, if requested, I shall make a version in my own style to help you if that is need and, or wanted.

Rating: 3/5


Thank you for you opinion.

Wanted and requested please. I would not mind seeing your take on buster.


So did I. I always just imagined him made of pure ice.


One Buster coming right up.


I have mentioned he wears armor before.

Also everything below the armor is Ice. I just run out of the parts, I needed. :weary:

I will totally be coming back to this guy’s.


Textures and colors are a bit jumbled.

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That’s buster? Cool

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