Self-MOC--Version 2

I’ve made some pretty big changes since the previous version. Specifically:

  • Silver armor, which replaced the spring-green.
  • Better feet (still not good, but at least I tried.)
  • Sturdier (and better) legs.
  • New arms
  • Spikes (to add an organic feel).

I’m especially proud of the legs this time around–they’re sturdier, and have actual armor now. The green helmets also blend in better and, IMO, don’t look so lazily slapped on.

Posing is a bit difficult (since the ankle movement is very limited), but he can still hold some pretty cool poses. Like this one, where he brutally tore the Miru off of Lewa’s face. :wink:

Let me know what you think!


Oh wow… wow… this is… wow… just… this is cool… holy cow this is good!

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Awesome Build! at first I thought he had murdered Eljay.

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Looks good! Can you post an image of the back?

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@Oniwah Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

@Alck_The_Biochemist Lol XD Thanks. :smiley:

@Adazai Sure, I’ll post it later today. And thanks. :smiley:

This is a major improvement. The colors are well distributed, the details are great, and the build is marvelous!

Great job!


Wow! That’s awesome! I much prefer this over your original build.

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This is much much better. The SS mask looks not so out of place. Den legs doe.

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Thanks @MiraculousPrime and @Chronicler; that means a lot to me. :'D

@TakanuvaMasterOfTime Thank you! :blush:

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Rest in spaghetti, never forghetti.

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*insert hallelujah here.

it looks great!

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It looks amazing. The color scheme is well executed, everything flows pretty well, and most of all, I LOVE the way the helmets look on his legs (although I do believe that I’ve seen them used in a similar way before…)

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It looks really good.

pretty nice! Reminds me of mocs with giant foreheads and chicken/multi jointed legs! Excellent! I like that you corrected the colors n all

@Sakurai Lol xD

@Payinku Thanks! :smiley:

@Silver_Falcon Oh, I’ve seen it used as shoulder pads, but never shin guards. Anyway, thank you. :slight_smile:

@tahtorak and @JMP, thank you both. :smiley:

Also, as @Adazai requested, here is a back shot:

It’s…pretty awful and plain. This part is still a WIP, which is why I didn’t post it before. :confused:


This is cool…very cool

Looks alright to me.

Great moc but the legs look a bit weird still a great moc. Also the way you use the Nuva Chest plate is awesome! 9.5/10

@The_Owl Thank you. :smiley:

@Adazai I guess, but I’ll likely still change it. :wink:

@Toa_Aveex Thanks, but could you tell me what is wrong with the legs, specifically?

The leg has kind of a Chicken Leg look
That what I don’t like About it