Self MOC: Volsuk v1

Here is my self MOC, Volsuk.

It is meant to represent how I like to fight, in a debate, not fisticuffs :grin:

Just a basic front view


His back, or is it my back now? Gosh, I’m so confused :wink:

He can go on all fours

He looks really short to me, as I am myself

Here you can see he is as tall as Jaller, even without his legs fully extended

Here’s his custom torso, it’s simple, but I like it personally. And I almost never like my own stuff :slight_smile:

Giddy up, beasty

So there he is, do you think he succeeds in capturing my less charming side or is he a failure. For me, he is the best MOC I’ve done yet, do you agree? I want to keep upgrading and improving him, so let me know how to improve please. I mean why not?

That’s meant to a shrug


How does he represent your way of fighting in a debate?

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Savage and uncivilized :slight_smile:


@Sciencegiraffe do you like him then? And how could I improve him?

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Oh, then you did a good job.

Yeah, he’s a good moc, but the only way I could really think of improving him is giving him a more complex build. But that’s really less of a general improvement as it is my preference.

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Eh, he has a custom head, torso and arms. So in terms of a complex build I’m satisfied, especially for a small scale MOC. Cheers though

@Sciencegiraffe sorry, probably my bad picture quality

Oh, for a minute there I thought he was basic ccbs, looking back at the pictures though, I was wrong. I don’t have any criticisms on this MOC anymore.

Hmm, some parts are interesting, the Head looks good from far away, but up-close it looks really odd. I think the only way to tell what should be improved is the use of a better background. I suggest using a white background (or just out a white paper behind the Moc). The lewa upper arms are interesting though, as for the claws they look good but a little over cluttered.


I will add the white background tomorrow thanks, already dark here.
In the next version I’m hoping to improve the head and streamline the claws, though keeping one to function as a shield.
Which parts interest you the most?

One question: Is the poll working?

Poll? You mean the rating system or…?

I would rate it a 5/10. It could be improved a lot, but don’t worry, I’m not too good at this either.

I agree it’s average, hopefully v2 is better.

But I was talking about the poll I put at the bottom of the post, I don’t know if it’s working or not?

Nothing there mate. I don’t see a link anywere, or even the message board poll.

Message someone for help, I have no experience whatsoever with those.

That’s odd, I tried to create a message board poll? I’m confused.

@BlueCel alright, cheers

I don’t know if it’s just the lighting, but those Corrodor claws look reallllly out of place. The gun head is a bit weird as well, and he needs some better back leg coverage. The custom torso is pretty neat though, I may have to use that at some point.

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They do a bit because they are a different shade of green, I’ve adapted them into a shield on one arm.
I’m working on some custom lower legs so that they are more filled out. The thighs should be easy to cover with the technique used on Kopaka 2015
I’ve also improved the head so it is less strange

Feel free to use the torso, just give me credit :slight_smile:

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