Self MOC: Volsuk v2

Here is the second version of my self MOC.

Here you can see how he is mostly the same, though I gave him a sword and shield.

Here is the back view, exactly the same except the lower legs

New custom legs :smile:

The arms are the same

Custom torso, once again the same

Back of the custom torso

Here is the new head, more compact and better designed, not to mention he has eyes

Those Corrodar spikes looked very out of place, so I made a shield

I mean what is a shied without a sword

Whenever I see this MOC I think he looks really small, I don't if it's just me, but....

He's actually quite tall

So what do you think? Please comment so I know how to improve him. I believe he's an improvement myself :smile:

Even if you don't comment please leave a rating

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  2. Above average
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  4. Poor
  5. Awful



It appears you have some decent designs, but they don't show through very well. It's hard to make it all out given the picture quality.


I'm getting some better pictures tomorrow when I have daylight, and thanks

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The legs are nice but this has the same issue as the last one: low quality pics, still hard to make out whats going in there. At least for me.


I just put up new clearer pics.

Those saying its poor, can you say why so I can improve please?


Still a little hard to see, as I previously said, a white paper behind the Moc is super useful if you don't have a white wall.


Don't have a white wall or paper, that might be a while

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I would recommend to get an actual mask, but otherwise the body looks quite nice, it's interesting to say the least.

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Cheers, not a huge fan of the head either

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Good concept, I could see this moc looking really cool in the future. for now, apart from the head which is cool (but way too big for the body, one of the main issues) I don't really like the body and limbs, kinda awkward and spindly.

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I've given up this MOC unfortunately, I've recently done a v2 of one of my previous MOCs, Iserif. That will be my new Self MOC, thanks for the feedback though.

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ah ok, I've seen him and he looks quite good aswell, keep it up. Also, thanks for giving feedback on my stuff too! :>

No need to thank me but you're welcome

BTW, of topic here for a second but cool dinosaur book :wink:

I am a dinosaur nerd :smile: . Plus it's great for keeping MOCs stable for posing on my bed

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Me too!!! I <3 Dino's!

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I want to be a palaeontologist and it is going well

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We have more in common then i thought!

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Apparently. What are you hoping to be?

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